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  1. My Precious

    Those on IRC know about how i'm getting this. It cost me $20 CAN, and that covers the S&H. It should arrive on Monday the 8th.

    Chocolate Velamints are instantly refreshing. I stole a box from my sister, and I keep forgetting I have it.

    Can someone explain to me this story/significance of this whole Superpants craze to me? It appears I missed out on it.

    She has a BF.

    Congrats to Peter Jackson and co. for winning 11 academy awards (we all know those things are rigged). The beginning shmeil with Billy Crystal superimposed into a number of popular movies from the last year was amusing. If you missed it... heh. I bet they bribed Michael Moore with a cheeseburger to do that camieo :S

    no offence, Mr. Moore

    Going offline for March. See you April.

    1. Hobo


      Superpants is just a character in Nami Comix, as far as I know, there's really no significance, except trying to find out his real secret identity.

    2. Tobester


      Insomniak said:

      Going offline for March. See you April.


    3. Ultraviolet


      No, chocolate velamints are fucking DISGUSTING.