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  1. Radiator, the "Original" mix of the song (actually it's billed as SAW2 CD1 TRK2 (original mix) on the back of 26 Mixes For Cash case) is odd. I doubt it's the original; I think RDJ is trying to play a trick on us again.

    It sounds like he took the cut up hissing samples from the original song, attached them all togeather, and looped it over the original song, speeding it up the give it a beat. So now it sounds like his RJD Album/Drukqs IDM stuff, and he's passing it off as the original mix.

    even he wasn't that good at 14.

    download "SAW2 CD1 TRK2 (original mix)" and "Radiator" if you have no clue what the fuck i'm talking about, and have a listen.