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  1. My great grandmother died last tuesday. 10 years to the day that her oldest daughter, Joan died. Also 10 years to the day that Kurt Cobain shot himself in the foot head. I was only 8 when Joan died, so my parents thought I was too young to go to her funeral. I didn't know her that well either.

    Her death was a good thing. She won't get robbed or beaten by the nursing home staff anymore. Strangers won't come into her room anymore. She wasn't the same after her first stroke.

    The funeral was in the town where my dad grew up. There was no room at their house, so I got to stay in the motel, with my cousin Brett (who I never met before) in the room next to me. His room was shabby; faded peach carpet, wood paneled walls. My room had new carpeting, and the wood paneled walls were painted over with white paint. Click the link again.

    Going to buy the Richard D. James album by Aphex Twin tomorrow. Also going to my former guitar teacher to write me a refrence letter for all the lighting and sound work I did for him. I lent him SAW2, so I hope I got some favor.

    1. Danarchy


      It was also 10 years to the day that my mom quit drinking. :)

    2. Insomniak


      I should also mention that she made the best gingersnap cookies ever before her stroke. The recipe called for weird ammounts of ingredants (like "ten cents worth of brown sugar" or "butter the size of a small egg") so noone but her could ever get it right.

      I asked for the refrence letter for my guitar teacher, and he said yes. I got SAW2 back. So far, So good.