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  1. I'm not sure when my obsession with aphex began. it's been around longer than my fleeting NIN halo collecting spree, but i digress. It's strong now.

    My first exposure to Richard D. James came with, like many people, the Come to Daddy video, about a few months after it came out. I never watched it straight through, just the first few minuites. I knew how it went; dog pisses on TV, TV zaps him, children steel TV, terrorize people. I stopped there and went back to YTV. I was probably 11 or 12.

    Second exposure came with going to the HMV at Notrh Hill Mall, pre-renovations. probably over 30% of my CD's are from this franchise. Around '97 and '98 it was realy easy to find any Aphex Twin albums. I remember them having lots of Come To Daddy, SAW85-92, and SAW2. I never bought any back then. I wish I did, SAW85-92 is impossible to find now.

    Years passed. I missed Windowlicker completely. Drukqs made no blip on the radar. I was listening to my first bits of Pink Floyd then, and my parents were letting my buy my own music for once. Buying Further Down The Spiral for $10 was a good purchase. It takes a while for the ...I Care Because You Do style of the tracks.

    It's only within the last 6 months that I became obsessive. When I got Winamp 5.02a (upgraded since then) on this computer, I hadn't ripped any of my CD's , so I used Shoutcast. Among the Skinny Puppy and NIN I heard, sometimes a few Aphex tracks would surface. "Tassels", Pulsewidth, Milkman, and Cock/ver10 were my first real songs, asides from the CTD mainstream crap (I relay don't like the song Come To Daddy that much, it's good for covering ________ )

    I asked for SAW2 for christmas and did not receive. I got it for my birthday in March. It still facinates me, although the CD is shit. I NEED the two vinyl-only tracks to feel complete.

    I bought the Richard D. James album and Come to Daddy recently, both from the A&B Sound in Sunridge (an excelent store, BTW).

    I have Drukqs, Windowlicker, ...ICBYD, and a slew of other Aphex Twin, AFX, Polygon Window, Caustic Window, etc albums on my computer without the real CDs. it's perfectly legal where I come from:

    Want to start listening to Aphex Twin? Contact me.

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    2. Disorder


      Quast said:

      you're talking about that one track on windowlicker right?

      The windowlicker EP, yes, that's correct.

    3. Insomniak


      The track "Windowlicker" also has a spiral at the end.

    4. Danarchy


      The Ultimate DooMer said:

      In fact, Come To Daddy is about the exact opposite...

      I had that song, hated it.