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  1. First of all, that's not entirly true. I did play doom once during my sabbatical. Fredrik (finally) released Vrack3, and words cannot begin to describe his amazing attention to gameplay, difficulty, detail, and creativity.

    Last summer, I announced that I would be leaving the doom community to concentrate on my high school studies. Doom and other computer games were wreaking havoc on my life; I was unemployed, mowing my parents lawn for money, and spending hours and nights parked in front of my old Compaq 586, which I packed up in it's box and put im the closet.

    I passed the first semester with relative ease. 2 autobody advanced classes each day, a grade 11 englich class repeat (my grade 11 english teacher had a baby, and we were stuck with over 6 substitutes, and no work was done.), and my diploma Social Studies class. In my second semester, I had my diploma level English (which I am still unsure if I passed or not, until my diploma exam I wrote last week is marked), two Psychology classes, a very easy 11 level math class, and a 11 level science class. I beleive i have the required 100 credits required for my diploma.

    I admit, I didn't completly get rid of all my ties to DW; I used this blog alto to state my opinions and manifestos (which got 70 comments), I played Vrack3, I checked the news frontpage often, and I still used #zdoom.

    Now that i'm back, I'd like to see if you doomers will help me get my computer up and dooming again. I need assistance with getting zdaemon back up and running (I used to be a frequent DM'er 2 years ago, but my router failed, and now it's good again), as well as catching up with all the old stuff.

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    2. rf`


      High school. YOU NEED 100 CREDITS TO GRADUATE?

    3. Shtbag667


      Autobody, eh? Do you know anything about '89 Trans Ams?

    4. Sephiroth


      ravage said:

      High school. YOU NEED 100 CREDITS TO GRADUATE?

      we needed 21, depends on the system. here classes were only worth 1, 2 or 2 points top