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  1. *Halfway through my high school graduation ceremony, I realized I forgot my insoles from my boots*

    I got a turntable last month for free from my old school's electrotech teacher. I knew the deal was too good to be true. After my sisters fucked around with it (trying to be scratch DJ's on a plain old turntable with "The Times They Are A-Changin'" on it, what is MTV and the music media doing to our children?), I needed to get a new stylus/needle/cartrage/whatever you want to call it.

    I went, on albino's advice, to K&W Audio, where my dad got gouged out of a good amp. They couldn't help me. They told me to go to Loyalty Audio on 8th St. I got mixed up and went to 8th Ave, where there was a audio store. the guy tried to help me, but alas, they did not have the required cartrage. I walked to Loyalty (not a far walk), walked right over the spot I got so damn drunk i had to call a cab at, to Loyalty. The guy HAD seen the cartrage before, and told me the sad truth.

    Philips, the makers of my turntable, were fucking around back the, making special arms that came with their own special cartrage (what I had), and if you wanted to get a new one, you had to get theirs, or get an adaptor for the different brand (Phillips was a Shure replica). Adaptors and replacements are impossible to find now.

    So i need a new turntable >_<

    I then walked to Megatunes on 17th Ave (formerly known during Flames playoffs as 'the red mile', you may have seen on a television programme) and got gouged for music. $90 for 3 CD's.

    Squarepusher - Ultravisitor. I had listened to this at a punk store once between appointments. i thought that the CD I bought looked different, and it was. It turns out I had bought the limited edition with the 6 page booklet and special case without even knowing it. I like the music. Jenkenson is a very talented young man.

    Aphex Twin - drukQs. You all know my Aphex addiction. Yesterday I bought ...I Care Because You Do with the gift card money my aunt gave me as a grad gift. I like the music too.

    Skinny Puppy - The Greater Wrong of the Right. I was reluctant to get this; I didn't like Optomissed, and the Process wasn't that great. I havn't lisened to it yet. They havn't been that great since Dwane died, IMHO. The album art disgusts me, especially the new logo. Dwane would not approve :S

    Also, I bought a Flames jersey.

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    2. Danarchy


      Numbermind said:


      Look, you ass. I really should, hell I deserve to, rip the shit out of you for randomly making ignorant attacks on me over random inane sarcastic comments but I've recently pissed of a large portion of the community and doing so could likely get me banned from here. Plu,s you're not really fuckign worth it. How about you shuffle the fuck off and go back to your little elitist reality.

      Grimm said:


      And you, stop fuckign doing that. Sure, we've had our disagreements in the past, but I don;t fucking go around to every thread you get dissed in saying "owned" or whatever, so I suggest you appeal to the better half of your karma and lay off.

    3. Bucket


      What are you looking for-- sympathy from me? You put YOURSELF into a position where you can't afford to dish out anymore. So what do you do: you decide to complain hypocritcally about "random ignorant attacks"?

      You're a stupid asshole. Listen to the whole fucking thing before throwing it away. For fuck's sake, the music changes after the first three songs. You might fucking like it if you tried it.

      Also, Legendary Pink Dots rule, you jerkass.

      So people aren't impressed by Skinny Puppy/Legendary Pink Dots-- you'll cope somehow, I promise. Next you'll tell me your bad attitude is caused by problems in your personal life... hey, a proper use for Blogs!

      P.S. I am elitist and your pointing that out evokes a hearty chuckle.

    4. Danarchy


      Those comments relate to a ...discussion on IRC. It was between me and Insomniak, and your butting in without forknowledge is rather silly. Though in your defence, I really gave no hint as to it's origins other than the fact that it was directed at Insomniak.

      Your latest post is actualy pretty funny when put into such context. Heh.

      P.S. Fuck off about my personal life. You really don't want to know right now.