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  1. At 5:30 am, the only sounds are your breath, the dull, distant roar of cars, and police helicopters circling.

    I'm loaded with all the trademarks of a modern blue coller worker; faded blue jeans, steel toed boots, pullover hoodie with no corporate logos, a travel coffee mug, a simple backpack with a waterbottle, corporate baseball cap with logos for a company you've never heard of, and sunglasses over the cap. I don't have to show the bus drivers my monthly pass anymore, they know who I am, and that I have one. Fashin trends, even among the lowest of employment.

    the train, between the two busses, is always loaded. I'm lucky I get on at a suburban station neer the university. by the time it gets downtown, all the seets are filled. The regulars are already on, or get on; the man with cerebral palsy (i assume), the immensly fat man, the bird woman. 50 faces, 50 strangers, 50 million stories.

    Everyone gets up for the Anderson station at the station before it. There's only a shuttle bus that seats 20, and there are 30 of us who have to fit on. The silent race begins, we walk swiftly without running, to appear that they're not in any rush. It's insanity. I should start taking the route through the northeast, but it would mean leaving home 10 min. earlier, and I havn't got the schedules perfected yet, and i'm too close to quitting my job. If I get the new one with Paul at the warehouse, i'll be able to carpool at the same time, but i'll save $60 a month, and be making $10 per hour, rather than the outlandish $8.50/hour (7-11 employees make $8/hour. I envy them).

    My boss (prepare for boss rant) is a strange, strange man. If I wern't an atheist, I'd call him a Calvinist; he works so hard because he beleives god hates him. He is zealous about his work, and takes orgasmic pride in being an asskisser. Sweeping is masturbating to this man. He is my polar opposite. He is a capitalist's wet dream, a man who will put his low paying job in front of everything, whereas I am a Marxist's worst nightmare; a man who will do the bare minimum because I hate my job and realize that it will get me nowhere, unless I leave the company. I've put in 4 months, they gave me a forklift licence and a WHMIS certificate, that'll get me a job at any warehouse in Calgary. Why don't I give them the big fuck you? Why did I stay past my contract? Why do I put up with my boss's "if you don't do a good job, then I'll take over what you're doing, even though it's not my job, and make you feel like a guilty asshole" mentality?
    call it some form of twisted ethics.

    If i quit, I predict 1 of 2 things will happen: In scenerio 1, I give my two weeks, my bosses insist that they need my help over the next few months with all the incoming jobs from the cold weather. I will still say no, and the man who hired me will offer me a raise. I'll still say no, and the company will try their hardest to guilt me into staying, easing my workload and trying to give me benefits. In scenario 2, I give my notice, and they give me the hardest jobs, bullshit work, and make my last 2 weeks a hellish nightmare. It's still too early to predict what else might happen. I almost quit twice in the same day last Tuesday.

    My boss claims to have had over 20 different blue coller jobs in the last 10 years. I lied and told him he was a renaissance man, a jack-of-all-trades. My real thought was "this man can't keep a job. he's only sticking around, waiting for the chainsmoking shop forman to die so he can take his job."

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    2. Fredrik


      Quast said:

      Celcius is for scientists and assholes. Kelvin is where it's at!

      Kelvin is too arbitrary. I converted to measuring temperature in multiples of the Planck temperature long ago.

    3. Bucket


      I use the "Hippie" scale:

      Pants with holes in them
      Pants without holes in them
      Pants with sweatpants underneath
      Man, fuck that

    4. wildweasel


      "Sixty-eight degrees?! I say we're going to become human ice cubes at that temperature! ...oh wait, you mean sixty-eight...Farenheit. Whatever happened to good old Kelvin, you backwards ignoramuses?" (From "Mike & Pete's Fun Half-Life Sound Pack")