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  1. Another new year, poisoned and dulled in our minds by the faked tsunami coverage on CNN. This is all stock footage recorded during the Florida hurricane season, 50 ethnic extras were hired from Bollywood, being told that they were to be in a "end of the world" movie starring a leading American actor. They were paid their weight in cocktail peanuts. Flooding scenes were filmed in indoor government wave pools on grainy handheld videocameras. All aid money and food supplies are going to Iraq.

    This sort of event will spawn a legacy of media horrors. Think "Live Aid 2", think "starving Sri Lanka orphan" infomercials from Christian Childrens Fund. Think being guilted and goaded into giving all your pocketchange to charitable donations and UNICEF boxes. Think advertizer abuse, higher prices on every commercial good, Haliburton contracts, Televagical sermons, copyrighted images. 90% of the Indonesian government is dead, think military dictators, think another American-led war in southeast asia.

    If you think too hard, the most idiotic of ideas sound perfectly rational and plausable.

    Happy New Year! :)

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