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  1. In order to help me induce lucid dreaming, I've decided to occasionally post transcripts of my unusual dreams here. I beleive it conforms to the blog rules, as it's important to me, and probably not interesting.

    But you never know...

    I was in the parking lot of a church my parents attend. The parking lot simultaniously existed on the south slope of a valley neer my house (confederation park). There was a flowerbed there shaped like a square, and I had been coaxed into vandalizing it by a shifty-looking stranger. He handed me a spade and we started digging. It was 4 am, I was checking my watch in the dream.

    It's dawn, and we've hardly done anything significant to the flowerbed, and in the distance, we hear police sirens. He hands me a black drink in a tin can and tells me to drink it. I do, and it turns out to be Hershey's chocolate syrup mixed with a bottle of artificial vanilla extract. I look at the syrup cna, and in big red letters it says "INSOLUBLE WITH VANILLA EXTRACT". I paniced, and started towards a snowbank to the east, the sirens getting louder. Hallucinations started to kick in, everything around me started to slow down, my body included. I clambered over the snowbank and ran south down an alley, time slowing to a crawl but the noises keeping at the same rate as before. The alley opened up into a family's backyard, who had by now taken notice of me slowly jogging into their yard. They asked me who I was, where I was going, where I lived, but I never answered them, I just kept trying to get through their house and out the front door.

    And then I woke up.

    Your comments/thoughts, please.

    1. RottKing


      It sounds to me like you had a past life where you liked to run around other people's backyards. i shud be psykik

    2. Janderson


      You sound easily influenced.