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  1. A few weeks overdue, but unlike the rest of you goons, I have a job.

    For your edutainment:


    This was me, about 4 years ago, maybe more. I made a realy stupid post once that cost me -999 posts on the old forum software. I worked it off, and made it to 489, when someting strange happened to my password. I asked ling to change it, it didn't work, so I tried again...and again...so I started from scratch.

    (btw, adding up all those long-lost post counts to my current ammount, it came out to 2708. Not a big number, but who cares about that shit anyways*)

    other pointless DW info about me.

    - The "Lüt's Dead" hoax a few years back, I was the only one who refused to beleive. Doesn't mean shit anymore.

    - I went on a Doom sabbatical last year. Almost completly gave up the game for over 12 months (the only exception was vrack3).

    - heterosexual and looking.

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    2. Relica Religia
    3. læmænt


      shut up sleepy boy!

    4. Scuba Steve

      Scuba Steve

      Insomniak said:

      - heterosexual and looking.

      I'm your man.