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  1. 19 is a funny age, like 17. You're not the "WHOO HOO I'M 18 DRINK DRINK DRINK!" kid anymore who's suddenly found that he can buy tobacco, liquor, and other vices. But you're not 20 or 21 either, so you can't go drinking in the states (god forbid I should ever have another reason to go to America again) and most of the people you know are either 21 or 18. At least that's how it is to me.

    Yesterday I was not scheduled to work, neither were any of the temps at SCM, despite my asking several managers and team leaders well in advance. Like 5 days in advance, but I digress; I worked an 8 hour shift from 12:30 to 9 pm, having been awake since 3 am. They agreed to give me Monday off.

    Monday (today) is my birthday.

    I went directly to bed after I got home and woke up at 2 am. watched some TV, decided to try a Super Metroid speedrun, but I gave up out of frustration and boredom just before I reached Maridia.

    Made a list of errands:
    -Bank, to transfer money to savings.
    -Mcdonald's, to treat myself to a breakfast that will take 3 years off my life.
    -MegaTunes, wasn't open so I went back on the bus and ctrain to...
    -A&B Sound, where I bought 3 albums for myself: ยต-Ziq's "Tango n' Vectif" (the complete archive, and the case is broken to fuck all, cost me $30 >:( ), My Bloody Valentine's "Loveless", and The KLF's "The White Room".
    -New Clothes, I won't disclose (pun) where, but it wound up costing me $148 for 2 pairs of jeans, 2 pr boxers, and a new belt. That's after my SCM discount. I've gone from a 42 waist to a 38. Working for an oil company will do that to you.
    -A new pillow, paid for on a gift card my aunt gave me last June, because my current pillow sucks and has given my shoulders nothing but greif.

    And then I went home. A sketchy guy at the bus terminal asked me if I had any change, then tried to sell me his "only worn twice" leather trenchcoat, and a little 2 yr old girl blew bubbles and babbled at me happily on the bus.

    At home I dropped off my stuff, and encountered my dad, who said my present from my parents would be the guitar I had my eye on at the store when we went to pick up my Strat from the shop (It wasn't finished being repaired that time). I had originally planned on buying it myself, but hey, I won't turn down an offer for a guitar bought by my parents. We went it, I pulled it down, looked it over, asked the right questions, and tried it out. It sounds much better on my amp here at home than at the store. It's an Epiphone SG, black with black pickguard and rosewood fretboard. When I showed it to my mother, she said "Oh, it's gorgeous!". That's what I named it; Gorgeous.

    After a quick stop by The Home Depot, where I picked up a blacklight bulb, I got dropped off at home, wailed the guitar (it sounds realy good for a cheep chinese guitar, the pickups have good sustain and I don't think i'll put a P-90 on the neck afterall).

    So that's it so far. I'll be going out for dinner later this evening, I'm not sure where yet. 19 is a funny age, but the next 5 years are going to be probably the most interesting of my life. I have a good, steady job that pays well, 3 guitars, a crap 80's keyboard, a very 70's Electone organ, my band is realy coming togeather well, got a few leads for a drummer and bass player, and if it's wern't for the gaping hole left by the absence of a girlfriend, my life would be perfect right now.

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      Fappy huckin' Birthday

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      This is going to be my new standard birthday greeting.

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