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  1. "Do you miss me too? Baby, say I miss you..."

    I discovered Wilco after my second breakup. Without telling me anything, she decided that she never wanted to hear from me ever again. How did she communicate that to me, you ask? Simple, have her new boyfriend, who I knew nothing about, send me the message, and a warning involving alerting the police if I ever tried to talk to her again.

    "When you're back in your old neighbourhood, the cigarettes taste so good, but you're so misunderstood..."

    I quit smoking. Just the feel of a cigarette in my hand has this strange, warm feeling, like it's been pressed to your body for so long that it's the same temperature, even though it's been in your jacket pocket, inside of your work locker. Even the word "cigarette" makes me nausious now; I get a mild stomach cramp, bile starts to form, I can feel my esophagus flexing and opening to let me vomit.

    "Music is my saivour..."

    And I realy thought "Blood on the Tracks" had me saved there for a while, the corkscrew-to-your-heart was almost out, but every thought of her brought it back.

    "Well I know, we don't talk much, but you're such a good talker..."

    and then I discovered something new, an album that reached out to me like nothing else had in a long time. Personal taste asides, picture perfect production, and lyrics that seemed taylor-made for me. The Beach Boys, Johnny Cash, and The Rolling Stones rolled up with duct tape. My opinion, anyways.

    Not exactly praise, just thoughts. Being There stopped me from destroying myself.

    1. Danarchy


      Yeah, women are bitches. Learn to deal.

    2. Bucket


      Next step: preventing self-destruction through your own will.