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  1. I received my letter from college 2 days after I left home for a small vacation. I have been told that I was not accepted for the class I have been trying to take for the past two years. i feel miserable.

    this added on to a nasty, insulting comment about me on the Wikipedia by some overconfident jerk.

    added on to the fact that I realy don't want to be where i am right now, and I have a splitting headache, and the people around me are making me feel guilty about the smallest things...

    plus being fired last month, and being terribly alone, socially.

    I'm low. I used to be so high. my clarity is gone, and i just feel so out of touch with everything. i feel so paranoid, i just wish i was dead most of the time.

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    2. Use


      insertwackynamehere said:

      I am so fucking confused right now about so much stuff its not even funny

      Well girls have a vagina and boys have a penis, I hope that helps.

    3. Johnny


      Heh, I love life. I got high on Friday, and my whole week was great.

    4. Xenaero


      Psyonisis said:

      well at least you don't have cancer

      Peter Jennings does. Ha!