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  1. I fucking hate beurocracy.

    As most of you know, I was rejected from Theatre Studies in Technical Theatre (Production) a few weeks back. The class only accepts 20 students a year, and for the second year in a row, I was deneyed because my interveiwer asked me bland, vague questions (How do you deal with stress? What specific things do you do to deal with stress?) and found me "Vague and bland" by the answers I gave.

    Contingency options are a bitch. I was reccomended a contingency list of classes to take if I am not accepted for Tech Theatre, classes that wil give me a higher standing if I re-apply the next year.

    The problem is, these classes are in the General Studies program, which I did not apply for. So I just applied to it over phone (cost me nothing). that's a 2 week wait. Plus, only after I've been accepted into the program will I be able to register in these contingency classes. Chances are by now these contingency classes have been filled. Last year, I had to wait until late August for my phone registration appointment. They told me that the classes I wanted to take were filled, and that I could be put on a waiting list for people who drop out of these classes.

    I am infuriated beyond all words.

    The only reason i'm applying to this stupid, backwater hillbilly college is because it was reccomended to me my a family friend who used to be the head director at the Calgary Centre fot The Arts. I am unimpressed with their standards and interveiw process, and I feel that the classes I took in high school have all gone to waste. I don't know if i still have time to apply for any other colleges or not (it was $50 alone per application at RDC), and even then, their programs are probably filled too. When I didn't get accepted this year, I had to take a year to work. I don't have that luxury this time; my Scholership Fund my parents set up when I was born has the most retarded clause ever of only being valid for one year after I graduate high school, otherwise the money becomes null.

    I just don't know anymore. I could try and apply for autobody classes at Southern Alberta Institute of Technology, because I minored in Autobody in HS. Or I could disapppoint my family and not get into college at all. Or I could try desparetly to get into any college that wil accept me.

    or I could commit suicide and end my wasted, worthless fucking life.

    I need advice and suggestions and moral support, badly.

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    2. Little Faith

      Little Faith

      Fredrik said:

      Except in Sweden, where it's free.

      I even get paid by the tax payers of Sweden to go to college!

      Been livin' fat on that for some time now. Hooray for the welfare state!

    3. Scuba Steve

      Scuba Steve

      Quast said:


      Look... I'm a really poor typer :( Newstuff this week will prove that.

    4. Quast


      Cool, does that mean you're going to have it done on time?