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  1. I got home to find the house was locked with my keys inside and nobody home, so I had to walk half a mile to a freind's house with a spare key, while avoiding a catholic parade and the hot, hot sun.

    Then I wanted to re-string my Stratocaster, but as I was putting on the final string (the 10 gague high E), it snapped. Only one of those come in a pack, and i've just wasted $10.

    and the computer was locked by my sister before she left, so I could not use it.

    so I drank whiskey until I puked and passed out.

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    2. dsm


      I just love this kind of blog threads.

      No really, I do. There's some sadistic satisfaction in reading about some poor sap's misery experiences.

    3. Psyonisis


      You know that you can buy individual guitar strings, right?

    4. Insomniak


      I managed to replace both E's on my guitars with G's. The tension is harsh, and the strat's whammy bridge is being pulled back. I just had that replaced :S

      I also managed to give myself alcohol poisoning. I'll be staying away from it for quite a while.

      and as for individual strings, they're hard to come by here.