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  1. I got another job yesterday, in record time. It's on the other side of the city, but close to bus routes. Pay is $11/hour CAN. The company is Western Grocers.

    The place is a dump. Seriously, this is one of the worst warehouses I have ever seen. Absolutly disgusting. The floors a sticky, and you hear your boots sticking as you walk. the walls are covered with dried and still-moist food smears and drink splashes. The washrooms have no paper towels, and only a breath in the air dryer. I don't touch the toilet or the sink with my bare hands. I'm buying hand sanitizer today.

    The work is okey. Picking candy from the boxes it's shipped in and puting the appropriate ammount into other boxes for shipping. I use a wireless headset for this. I get moved up to power jack in a week.

    The hours are awful. 2 pm to 2 am most days. 8 hours plus 4 hours overtime at time and a half. lunch break at 2 1/2 hours into the day, coffee breaks every 2 hours afterwards (but I don't trust the coffee machine, I got back to smoking cigarettes again) The busses stop running past midnight, so the mangement, what little there is, hands out taxi vouchers to groups heading in the same direction. Considering how many damages and losses this company has per day, I'm amazed they can afford it.

    but work is work.

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      Tranny (transmission)

      Damn, you stole mine.

      I always thought sex wax was a funny name, though that's not for cars.

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      Jesus pin
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      Rear end (the axle)