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  1. So I got off work early after my 8 hours, at 10:30 pm. Usually we don't get off until 2 am, but that's changed since they put me in Grocery and gave me a power jack. I walked 10 blocks to the neerest bus stop, debating weather to run over to the other route across the street.

    I got on, and they got on in Ogden. They interupted me listening to my pretentious electronic music to ask me if I knew the bus routes well. I did, and we kept asking each other questions. They were new to town, from Montreal, and they wanted to meet their friend at one of the most popular bars in the city.

    We talked and talked and talked, about how shitty Calgary is, about how we were all insane, about the flooding. I took them there, bought them drinks, got quite drunk, and out came the drunken flirting.

    It didn't go anywhere, to answer your first question. She was just passing through town, going west to the mountains on Monday. They both kissed me on the cheeks, in that French way, when we parted paths.


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    2. Ralphis


      All french related persons are SHIT

    3. Sharessa


      Lüt said:

      Actually it's an avenue. Julian and I got stuck on it coming back from Bloodshedder's place last year :P

      How extremely on-topic.

    4. Insomniak


      Ogden here is a pretty rough part of town. Not as bad as the crack dens of Forest Lawn or Dover, and not nearly as bad as the East Village (home to the drop-in center & youth hostel), but still pretty bad.