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  1. *The first thing you must know is that I was high at the time the news first reached me*

    Following my rejection to RDC on May 13 (May was a realy shitty month for me, minus my well-earned vacation), I had to apply for the classes reccomended to me by the department head individually. Tech Theatre-official students get first seats in the class, and it's limited to 20 people in the entire program per year (Recomended reading: these blogs.)

    So the registration process seemed to be doing moderatly well, when I had the time to work on it (i have a 12-hour-a-day job), but this morning I was having error messages about the classes being full. I sent up a voicemail, and headed off to work.

    Just after lunch break, intoxicated as fuck, in no shape whatsoever for driving a motorized pallet jack, and they page me over the intercom. I'm worried. I throw out all the pistachios I had stolen from my pocket. Am I busted? Am I in trouble? My dad is in the warehouse office; has a family member died?

    Suprised to see him, here of all places, he tells me that the department head of Drama phoned the house, asking for me. As I was working, my mom took the message: 2 students had dropped out of the Tech Theatre program, and I was accepted. I have a few details to sort out tomorrow morning, but it looks as though 5 years of effort have paid off.

    1. Naked Snake

      Naked Snake

      Then it seems your title is no longer appropriate. Congrats.