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  1. High praise for Pink Floyd. Something we've all done at one point or another.

    Wish You Were Here is one of my recent purchases of music. $10 CDN for a good condition vinyl pressing. If you have a vinyl copy, get it out now and look at it. This blog isn't about the music, it's about the artwork.

    The Vinyl's artwork is diferent from the CD's, obviously. the first difference is the the cover photo. A remarkable photo, almost perfectly parallel. The CD has the man on the right hunched over more, like he's going to cough, whereas the vinyl has him with his back straight, on fire, smiling happily and shaking hands. You can make out the details of his face even though the sun is behind him. Gotta love those wide cut 70's suits.

    the back image is of the faceless man i the desert. Again, you could set your watch (to 12:30) by the parallel. He's faceless, with no flesh or bone around his cuffs or legs. He's dressed to the nines, and he's walked across a desert to give you this album. It's not the same album: first off, it's transparent, maybe even glass, and secondly, the center sticker is different from what's actually stamped onto the vinyl. It's the same logo from the back of the CD, the two mechanical hands shaking with images of sun, water, earth. the vinyl has the hands shaking at night with pyramids on the horizon.

    He's walked so far, neerly killing himself, to bring you this album. His breifcase has the DSOTM stickers on it (originally included in the vinyl sleve for DSOTM, considered rare and valuable now). I shouldn't have to spell it out for you, but I will; the faceless man represents the band.

    Pulling out the sleve, you see the large image of a red veil blowing in the breeze, amongst perfectly lined trees. If you look closly, the illusion of a naked woman is present in the veil. the sides of the photo are slightly wavy-cut. Blah blah blah refrence to Syd Barret don't make me go through it.

    Two more images, on the other side of the sleve. The credits and lyrics surround the image of a diver, half submerged in a lake, with an almost perfect reflection due to no surface disruption.

    Finally, there's this one little detail in the bottom left corner of the sleve. It's a strange image, and I still don't know what it is. At first glance, it looks like a bullethole on the sleve, draining out water at high pressure, and creating ripples. If you look at it further, the ripples look like tuning heads on a bass guitar, which in turn changes the image into a streached out Gibson headstock. I don't know if it's even in the CD case.

    All in all, one of the most thought out packages in music history, designed so that you would see certain images in sucession. Very few albums reveal themselves in a way like that.

    1. Fletcher`


      That is awesome. I wish I could get a look at it.