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  1. ...And if I ever was myself I wasn't that night

    We talked all night, into the early morning hours. I had just gotten off work, I was stoned, I was drunk, I was trying to come on to her. Everyone tells me to be myself, but when I am myself, they don't like me. I behaved as myself and got nothing.

    ...Taxicabs were driving me around...

    I took more taxis than busses this year, and I buy a monthly bus pass. At 2 AM when the busses had gone to the barn, and I was stranded at the 7-11 in the northeast. From clubs and pubs and bars that let out at 3 am. If we worked past midnight at Western, they'd hand out taxi vouchers at 2 am, even thought they couldn't afford it. I took cabs when I needed to get downtown fast, or home.

    ...His goal in life was to be an echo...

    Everything is different now, or at least changing around me. I'm moving to Red Deer next month for college, and that means tying up the loose ends and severing ties here in Calgary. I started taking photos of places I hung around, of interesting things, of how I head my desk and my records set up just the way I liked them. Dividing my live into the 5 weeks of August. I quit my job a month ago to have more time, but i still feel stressed. I smoked until I became sick. In 30 days, I will be nothing more than a memory.

    I am becoming a Ghost.

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    2. Bucket


      It's always so meaningful when a song defines a part of your life.

    3. Insomniak


      It's worse when a series of albums by the same band describe your life with a Charles Manson/Beatles creepyness

    4. Kid Airbag

      Kid Airbag

      At least it's an awesome group whose music is defining your life, even if "Ghost" is their least good album.

      And funny you should mention The Beatles, cause the only time I've ever honestly been listening to an album and thought "Holy shit, this is my life right now," was "Rubber Soul" last winter.