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  1. ...Got a box full of letters, think you might like to read...

    I cleaned out the bottom drawer of my desk last night. Alot of stuff dated in the mid 90's. Photocopied awards on coloured paper with my name on them, from my third grade class. Issue 5 of 6 in Dark Horse's "Star Wars: Dark Empire" series, in good condition except for the spine from being compressed for so long. Science fair diagrams, drama fest playbills, a shitload of star wars crap (holographic stickers, 1995 3D magic eye calender).

    ...There's a guitar leaning on a Marshall stack. Used to sound like the sun on the horizon, now I guess, we've been had...

    I have to disassemble my recording studio this week, a task i'm not looking forward to. Everything is all set up the way I like it, and with GarageBand, I've finally been able to get decent recordings of my playing (available here). I don't realy know if i'll have room to set all my equipment back up proper after I move, or if I'll have time to, or what my roommates will think, or if my stuff is likely to get stolen.

    ...Like a cloud, his fingers explode on the typewriter ribbon, the shadow grows...

    I'm just trying to document a turbulent time in my life right now. Chapters are changing, pages flipping, and I realy don't think i'm prepared for this. Furthermore, all my close friends are preoccupied, sick, or ignoring my pleas. I feel very alone, and right now, my music is keeping the fragile shell intact.