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  1. It's almost 3 am, and I can't sleep. My #1 man and his roommate have forsaken me in favour of a girl who inexplicably doesn't like me, despite all her roommates objections. Fuck You, Charlene, I don't need you! And Amanda, you owe me $20!

    The neck on my strat is cracking again, this will be the 3rd time i've had to have it repaired. I'd best take off the strings so the tension doesn't snap it in two.

    I made a chicken stir fry from scratch tonight for dinner. Rice, grilled chicken, sweet & sour sauce, with fried red bell pepper, onions, and garlic. I cook dinner alot, but when I invite her over for dinner, she always declines. Dating a narcoleptic is hard, and i'm feeling alot of apathy between us.

    My latest audio project is "627", named after an old address where I grew up. There's a slide guitar part i'm hoping to add tomorrow, which should close it up nicely.

    1. exp(x)


      Insomniak said:

      Dating a narcoleptic is hard

      Tell her to take Provigil. That shit will keep anyone awake.