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  1. Very intermittant, modulated sounds, so I could only make out one sentence at a time, and when typing I missed the whole conversation. Sounds like someone talking over a walkie talkie to me, possibly a city worker, but I found it realy interesting and creepy, especially out of context. More to be posted if this goes on through the night.

    "where was it that you said that you heard it?"


    "south down 40 metres"

    and uh looks pretty interesting

    pretty interesting

    but uh

    video in there, with the brick

    i wont say it's the only one, but at this particular point...

    the majority of them are bright green

    realy interesting peice of ??? over

    uh, just a minute, x-ray 24, over

    his whole face

    the ivory coast, there

    m-o-i-r-o-n, moiron

    end of the road

    video of us

    in the beaver brook, over

    absolutly guerenteed

    every year

    they've recorded over 40 mph wind in that location



    and uh it's a green ??? and there's a different name for it

    some people ... over

    i can still...

    *more laughter*

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    2. fraggle


      Fredrik said:

      My brain picks up strange voices.

      They tell me to do... bad things.


    3. Coopersville


      A talking guitar amp would be one of those things that'd cause me to run right out of that room, and out of the house without a second thought, and I wouldn't go back in without some badass axe-wielding Firefighter, or something better.

    4. Piezo


      It sounds like it's picking up several conversations and the strongest signal is drowning out the weaker ones. I would pick up CBs on my old alarm clock radio with my stripped umbrella antenna (hey, it was all I had to barely pick up anything down in the valley outside of town) but I knew that it was only the ones that had a high power linear amplifier. I guess the most interesting thing I've picked up on accident besides scrambled porn is when I took my pro-am RC car remote and placed it really close to the FM radio. It made a popping sound, and the frequency increased as the speed control was throttled.