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  1. Final birthday drink list (as best as I can figgure)

    1 shot J&B scotch (4:30 pm)
    8+ bottles of Guinness
    1 bottle of Corona
    orange juice + vodka
    1 vodka martini
    1 shot 60% czech absinthe
    1 Manhattan cocktail (2 am)


    1 1/2 joints
    2 Colt rum & wine cigars

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    2. Fletcher`


      The american 20 sucks

    3. Coopersville


      2 shots of Fireball whiskey shooter
      6 shots of 70% Czech absinthe

      I just wanted to state the fact I had stronger absinthe, and more of it. 'Only got a buzz from all of that, nor did I get laid; I felt like I wasted my $105.00.

    4. spank


      Shrooms and weed.