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  1. Life goes on after college

    Well, I shouldn't say AFTER. While I may have gotten a GPA of 1.04 and been rejected from the theatre studies program, and my school status is "required to withdraw", I can still possibly get into college again for next september.

    The trick? Appealing my mark and changing majors. Student services assures me that 95% of all appeals go through, elimingating the order that i'm not allowed to attend college for a year. Even so, this will be my last year at Red Deer College.

    As for switching majors, I have no idea what to take. I'm leaning towards the new Open Studies program; very similer to General Studies, but you pick which individual classes you want to attend. I'm thinking Film Analysis and Astronomy as a few, but I need to talk to an acedemic advisor. I am no longer pursuing a degree or diploma.

    So, as far as the long term plan is concerned, I want to attend APRA (http://www.apra.ca) in Calgary, once I have the $6,000 to pay for it. They don't grant certificates, so they don't take tuition. Last year, when my RDC admission status was in limbo, I applied there and was pre-accepted by my interveiwer, a studio technician. However, as mentioned before, my tuition wouldn't cover it.

    So now I work. I will work blue coller jobs again until I have more than enough funds to attend APRA. My resume looks good, I've got years of carpentry and metalworking skill, as well as everything I learned from the Theatre (rigging, lighting, sound, carp, welding, management).

    Which brings me back to the reason I posted this blog in the first place. I am now working at Travelaire, a large RV/Trailer (Caravans for you brits) manufacturing plant close to where I live. It pays $11.45 CAN/hour and is union (steelworkers). The people are extreemly nice, but blue coller dumbasses with bad teeth.

    So, for now, life is good again.

    1. Epyo


      there's a song by modest mouse of that name, love it

    2. SYS


      I work currently work in a shithole delivery company making about as much as you. I fail to see what you have to really be happy about. Unless you get some pussy consider yourself just as depressed and useless.