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  1. #1: The FarSide Bar & Grill. Don, Connie, Kerry, James, Rikki, and Tim are some of the nicest people I have ever had the pleasure of buying food and drink from. I've hung out with a few of them too, even been offered a job there on more than one occasion. In the mornings they have the famous Eggs & Stuff plate for $4.75 CAN, which is 2 slices of texas toast w. margarine, 2 slices of either bacon or sausage patty (I always go for the sausage), 2 eggs any style (scrambled for me), and a shitload of deep fried tater tots being passed off as hashbrowns. In the afternoons, Poutine is the big seller, along with burgers, killer pre-made sandwiches, or crazy old Don's dinner of the day. The evenings are ususally dominated by heavy drinking for dirt cheep prices, rednecks taking on the Boxing or Big Buck Hunter games, and Name That Tune & Karaoke on Tuesdays at 9. the acoustics suck, mostly due to the architecture and the slanted tin roof, but the place is truly the heart and soul of the college.

    #2: The Bench. A small wooden bench overlooking the Waskasoo Creek valley south of the college, painted white, with a memorial plaque dedicated to an elderly couple who enjoyed the view there at one time. If they only knew that the bench has long been the favorite outdoor, off-campus spot for stoners every year for 1,000 years, probably even before the white man came. One of the few neerby locations where you can actually see most of the constellations, the milky way, northern lights, and meteor showers with very little light polution. Watch out for buck deer.

    #3: Residence Towers commons room AKA Steveistan. A big screen TV with no cable connecting it to...well...the cable outlet. Uncomfortable couches good for people watching and lying around stoned in.

    #4: The Margaret Parsons Theatre. My lecture hall for Art History & Astronomy, with comfortable movie theatre-style chairs with those stupid boards that spring up for a writing surface, but never work right (you wind up putting your neck out when writing a test). Also the stage for Andy Garland's award-winning play "Rum & Ritalin", of which I was a stagehand for. The script has recently been purchased by a major movie studio.

    #5: Tim, residence manager. I can't beleive this guy has put up with my bullshit for as long as he has. He knows I'm a heavy potsmoker, he knows I do it in my room, he knows that all my roommates the last year and a half hated my guts, and i'm pretty sure HE hates my guts, but he's always been relitivly relaxed about it, probably the conditioning of too many management seminars. "Hey Tim, how's it going?" "SOLID!!!"

    #6: The school library. Your average college library, but with a few cool exceptions. The Media & Toy collection on the 2nd floor, which very few students know about, has over 200 blockbuster and influential films, especially hard to find Art House & cult films (Triumph of the Will on 4 16mm filmstrips, anyone?) Toys galore for childcare students, including that crazy Space station playset I loved in preschool, in perfect condition. Lots of good classical music on vinyl,too, like Bach performed by Glenn Gould, or the works of Stockhousen, original 1960's pressings! The staff is incredibly awesome and hardworking, and have been good to help me find weird shit, and trusting me with their precious media.

    #7: Jamison T. Mr. Edward Forty Hands himself, AKA Scarecrow, AKA "That punk-ass motherfucker who stole 6 pitchers of green lager on St. Patricks day and drank it all to himself!". If one student has left his mark on RDC, it's him.

    #8: The Fishbowl. 2nds story glass window overpass connecting to the Arts Center, and even though I have no business there anymore, the view is amazing. Overlooks the east courtyard towards the library.

    #9: The Forum, 2nd story. An outdoor concrete concourse, has the best view of the sunrise anywhere on campus. Also the best place the smoke and spit.

    #10: The Arts Center. Bottom of my list because I have a grudge against some teacher who, at one time, I thought were on my side. This actor factory has an amazing, high-tech procenium theatre with a professional surround sound system (too bad the sound teacher is TONE DEAF! FUCK YOU, WONG!), it's a shame they put such ridiculously pretentious plays like "The Dada Play" or "Alarum Within" in this building, I have nothing but hatred for the clique-like staff, and pity for the poor techies. Good luck finding a job in Harper's Canada, kids.