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  1. Cabernet Sauvignon & Stilton to finish off New Year's Eve. Before that, a few glasses of cheep champagne (Friexinet), sliced Ukranian sausage, cheddar cheese, and soda crackers. a Guy Lombardo LP from 1958 playing on my dad's hi-fi, and counting down the seconds to another shitty year.

    *blows party hooter*

    and now, the crisis:

    Christmas went well, and on the 28th me and my dad drove back up to Red Deer to move me into a new place. A girl (whose accursed name shall be withheld) with whom I had arranged to move into a spare room, posted as a vacancy on the off-campus housing board, was supposed to let me move in on the 28th. We got back to my residence, vacated by my roommates for the holidays and with all my worldly possessions packed into banker's boxes and milk crates in advance, loaded 1/3 of them into my dad's SUV, and drove over to the house.

    Only, no one was home. And noone was answering the phone.

    A few aimless hours later, she calls me back. She had been on vacation too, and while she was gone, her other roommate/landlord had given the room to someone else. There was nothing she could do about it.

    I was furious. I hadn't paid a damage deposit or down payment (that was to be paid after I moved in), so I had no basis to challange what had happened. So much for handshake deals. This was totally out of the blue, My dad said that the chance of this happening was fractionally possible, yet it happened anyways. We went for dinner to try and think things through at East Side Mario's, where my dad bought me a double rye and coke by request to help ease my stress.

    So now I had a room full of shit to clear out by Dec. 31st. I have no job, i'm literally flat broke, I needed the following things, ASAP:

    a) a place to temporaraly store my stuff
    b) a place to sleep
    c) a place to move said stuff to with a bedroom and a mailing address
    d) a job

    Not easy to find within 2 weeks, I know. Red Deer has a housing shortage, just like every other place in Alberta. Now i'm running out of options. Here's what i've narrowed down:

    1) Find a place to live by myself in Red Deer, for under $400/mo.
    2) Find a 2-bedroom place in RD with a roommate for under $800/mo.
    3) Find a place to live in Calgary by myself (under $400/mo = impossible
    4) Find a roommate/friend in Calgary and split the bills.
    5) move back into my parent's basement for a while, get a job here, and then move back to Red Deer once i'm financially secure.
    6) Stay in Calgary permanently.

    I really want to be living in Red Deer right now. For a hick city, it has alot of potential for me. I wanted to start a band this summer, I wanted to explore the city some more this summer on my bike. I wanted to play at The Vat on sundays nights, do Name That Tune & Karaoke on Tuesdays at The FarSide. I wanted to stay out late and cause trouble like old times. I need advice here, and quick.

    I'm here 'till at least Wendsday, I have the funeral of a dear friend to attend.

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    2. Ninja_of_DooM


      I don't even have a car. :(

      No, I still live with my parents.

    3. fraggle


      Ninja_of_DooM said:

      Man, I only have to pay £40 dig money a month. That's about $78 for your information.

      My rent is over $1200 per month :-(

    4. Insomniak


      I spent 2 weeks at my parents and managed to snag option 1. See my most recent blog.