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  1. I was welcomed back. Never had so many people been so happy to see me in Red Deer. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, I guess.

    I was in Calgary for almost 5 weeks, counting christmas & new years. it took 2 weeks to find a place to live in Red Deer for under $400/month CAN. I was VERY lucky to get this place. 2 bedroom apartment, mid 50's with an art deco feel. Directly across the street from the hospital, specifically, the tall smokestacks of it's furnaces/incinerators that remind you instantly of Pink Floyd's "Animals" cover. Near downtown, equal distance away from The Vat, the Greyhound depot, the cheep 2nd run cinemas, and a recently renovated Safeway with an amazing deli & bakery. Can you say "fresh baguettes every morning" ?

    Close to the college, too, about a mile away. Took me 15 minutes to bike there today (winter biking on my thin tires is a bitch), and get back once I saw that they shoveled the bike path. Close to bus routes, close to pretty much everything I could ask for right now. Just what I wanted, being out of school with a downtown apartment.

    So now the search is for a new job, a bed or futon, and a desk. A bed is my immediate priority, as I need a place to sleep. the sleeping bag on the hard floor isn't working, in fact, it downright sucks. Should have remembered to bring that blue foamie up, not that it would do much good. I've managed to make a makeshift desk out of milk crates and my old drafting board, but I want to keep the board in good condition for resale next fall. My ass is falling asleep on my milk crate stool.

    And the roommate. Heather, a girl who I randomly e-mailed regarding a vacancy posting on Nexopia. She's always busy with her call center job or college, so I never see her much, but she's pretty hot. I wonder how long until the relationship becomes more intimate than either of us needs, and then things go sour, and I get the boot.

    won't happen. I'm not looking ATM for any kind of relationship. I need a fulltime job. RC Superstore is hiring for the graveyard shift doing shelf stocking. They're like a non-evil version of those super Wal-Marts in the States, non-evil because they're Canadian based, have superior selection, more ethnic variety, and less homogenous products from China. I know this, I have, in the past, worked for both Wal-Mart Canada's and Western Grocers (a division of Loblaws, the same company that owns and distributes to RCS) distributors as a order picker at their warehouses in Calgary. I'm a shoe-in the door.

    1. iori


      Nice work. I've worked at Extra Foods for a couple years now, currently on graveyard. I got the keys a few months ago too ^_^

    2. Technician


      Lucky bitch. My apartment is one bedroom with a kitchen and bathroom and I'm paying 512 a month.

      I'm sleeping on a futon. It's a cheap easy bed and it works better then people make then out to be. I'd get that.

      And you and she may be able to pull off being fuck buddies but that usually builds to some affection and jealousy.

      Congrats anyway.