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  1. oh wow, here's the total what I have in my cupboards and fridge:

    -half package of spaghetti noodles, uncooked
    -jar of generic spaghetti sauce (with mushrooms, as I just found out today on the label)
    -packet of Lipton onion soup mix
    -2 cans of Clover Leaf Flake Light Tuna
    -half a box of Quaker Instant Maple & Brown Sugar oatmeal
    -1 small bag of generic rolled oats
    -1 can of Magic baking powder
    -half bottle of artificial vanilla extract
    -1 large onion, probably gone bad
    -half a jar of generic peanut butter
    -1 packet generic ground cinnamon
    -1 packet of my mom's homemade curry powder
    -1/2 cup white flour
    -1/2 box Minute Rice (but no small pot to cook it in)

    -1/8th of a container of Imperial margarine
    -1/2 jar Cheese Whiz
    -1/2 jar Miracle Whip
    -1/4 container grated parmesan cheese
    -1 bottle French's yellow mustard
    -1 3 oz. container of ranch dip (very likely expired)
    -1 packet lemon-lime Kool-Aid (but no sugar)

    Do I have enough to keep me from either starving to death or passing out at work from malnutrition? You tell me; i have to make it last me 4 days from now, when i get paid.

    Challenge: Come up with meal plans for the next 4 days, with 3 meals a day, little repetition, and a balanced diet.

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    2. Insomniak


      OK here's what I figgure i'll eat. Keep in mind that I sleep during the day, so Dinner occurs after midnight:

      Today (Monday):

      Lunch: Spaghetti


      Dinner: reheated Spaghetti
      Breakfast: instant oatmeal streached with rolled oats


      Dinner: onion soup with sauteed onions
      breakfast: oatmeal again


      Dinner: tuna salad (can of tuna, drained, mixed with mayonaise. period.)
      Breakfast: Binge on McDonalds :) I'm lovin it.

    3. spank


      Just because it has tuna that doesn't mean it's a salad, man.

    4. GGG


      But when there's mayo, it's a salad.