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  1. so there I am, walking up the hill past the hospital across the street to go to my friend Devo's place, and this security van from the hospital comes up behind me. He slows down and looks at me, and I look back and continue walking up the hill. He pulls up a block ahead of me stops. I continued walking up the street and around the corner, and he starts slowly following me! i walk another half block and have to cross the street, and i'm getting tired of this creepy bullshit.

    the van pulls up sharp in front, and the driver got out. He was significantly more security looking than some commissionare or mall cop. He had a cop walkie talkie, huge flashlight, and what could have possibly been a night stick. He tells me to stop, and to get on the sidewalk. I follow the instructions because i am a good, law abiding citizen.

    out of nowhere, 2 RCMP cruisers come around the corner streets, and blocade off the street. I also notice one of the cars moving around in the parking lot is an unmarked car. Two officers, an older male and a younger female, get out of their respective cars and walk towards me.

    "No, this isn't the guy," says the older cop. "Looks nothing like him". Mentions something about whoever they're looking for is wearing sweatpants. I ask the female officer if i'm free to go, and she says yeah. I cross the street and the 4 emergency vehicles take off past the hospital doors.

    I continued on my way to Devo's to get drunk and tell this tale.

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    2. deathbringer


      Tip for "undercover" police officers keeping an eye on the chavs at the fairground: Normal BMW's don't have 3 areals on the roof and tiny 'foglights' on the front of the grille with obvious blue bulbs in them

    3. Kid Airbag

      Kid Airbag

      There's undercover police roaming around my dorm right now because apparently these two kids smoked weed that was laced with something and had to go to the hospital, and the kid who sold it to them apparently lives in my building.

    4. Insomniak


      i was actually on my way to buy weed when this happened.