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  1. Just when I get comfortably settled, albeit in an awkward arrangement with my gracious female roommate (gracious in that she hasn't given me the boot for being a stupid pothead, working the night shift, or moving in under the guise of being a student), in this awesome little apartment, it looks likely that i'm going to have to move again.

    The apartment is great, but old. I have very few complaints about it, mostly that the plumbing is bad (old, rattling pipes in the walls, my room being right above the boiler room, radiators that are prone to freezing and need to be kept on, an archaic toilet that doesn't flush or fill right, tap water with a disturbing oxygen content, taps that pour hot before running cold, etc.), and I got used the the smell within the first week. It's very close to downtown, 10 minutes walking time to work, close to the college, the bars, the greyhound station, the bus terminal. A very good apartment for a man my age.

    But my lease expires at the end of April. I am subletting from Heather, my roommate. The apartment costs $700 a month, with a $700 damage deposit, plus utilities & internet. She paid $600 of damage deposit, and will get it back when she moves out (also end of april). I paid $100, which is a bargain, and we both split the rent.

    I wanted to keep living here after she moves out, and asked her about being able to transfer the lease over to me. She talked with her parents (her dad paid the DD), and she said it wasn't possible, at least not without her being able to get the DD back. I offered to pay it back to her, but then she told me how much it was. :S

    I don't make that much right now. I work part time, 5 days a week, and barely have enough to pay the rent and feed myself. I've been blowing too much money on luxuries recently (like beer, or laundry detergent, or yellow mustard). There is no way I could save up $700 before the end of april and still be able to pay the rent, do my laundry, and feed myself.

    There is also another issue: noise. I play guitar, and I havn't been playing as much as I used to recently due to a number of constraints, like my need for new strings, my tiny practice amp, and the other tennants in the building. Our apartment is right underneath the landlady's son's apartment, and I *******ly don't want to be pissing him off. I can't bring my rowdy friends home with me from the bar because Heather is trying to sleep. I can't wail on my axe like a mofo, or even have a jam session with my friends.

    I'm going to talk with my parents later this week, and then my grandparents next week, about what my options are. As much as I like this apartment, the downsides like the plumbing and the inability to be loud are enough that i don't think I would want to live here much longer, especially not in the summer and with the friends I have.

    Here are some options I have determined:

    1: Stay here. Get some money from my family to pay Heather's DD to her or pay it myself, Put up with the ancient plumbing and the square neighbours, and stay in a nice little apartment downtown.

    2: Move in with Josh. Josh is a friend of mine from college, a musician, actor, artist, and hobbit. He has a sweet house in neerby West Park that his parents own, and it has 2 extra rooms that he rents out. One of these rooms is rented to Mark, our mutual friend and a very talented musician. The other room is currently being rented to Josh's deadbeat friend from high school, who they are thinking of kicking out because he hasn't been paying the rent on time. I have asked Josh if he would consider me if he does give the guy the boot. Last I talked to him, he was still thinking about it. I'm going to need an answer soon. It would be to his advantage: he'd have access to my instruments and talents, and I pay my rent on time. It's close to the college, but quite a bit farther from work.

    3: Move in with Jim & Cam. These two dudes are good pals of mine, and we often go drinking together, do karaoke, etc. They live on the top floor of a 3 story apartment in Riverside Meadows (Formerally known as, but still called Lower Fairview a.k.a Lower Harlem a.k.a the Ghetto of Red Deer), where I lived last summer, but back then I lived in one of it's good parts; these guys live right at the crossing where the most crime happens. Their other tennants are probable crack dealers, pimps, lowlifes, etc. and the building has security cameras. The rent is about the same as here, if not a bit cheeper because it's a 3 bedroom apartment. It's close to my job, especially if I use my bike this summer. The downside is, asides from the crime and homeless people neerby, is that they told me the entire building is infested with bedbugs, or some form of ticks. Gross.

    4. Move back in with Kris. My hosts this summer, Kris and his dad Doug have a house down in the good part of Lower Fairview, and they rent out rooms to tennants as a means of income. Poor old Doug has this and a farm in Edson that he goes out to every weekend, but he has recently moved back to Edson, possibly permanently, because even with the master & guest bedrooms rented out to 3 people, and a fulltime job at the college, he still wasn't bringing in enough. Now they're thinking of selling the house, but Kris is opposed to the idea. My old bedroom might be available again if Kris' brother moves back to Edson to work. This is a very unstable option.

    5: Find a random place to live. Look in the classifieds, the college off campus housing postings, anywhere, to find a place close to work, college, etc.

    i wish I didn't have to worry about this shit. My dad doesn't really want to help me move again, another trip to RD for him after helping me move in Jauary and the fiasco that happened in December. I also wouldn't feel too comfortable with him helping me move into Jim & Cam's place, as they're heavy smokers, not very clean, live on the 3rd floor, and have those bugs. I also wouldn't feel comfortable letting my mom check out the place, which I know she will want to. i'm almost 21, and I can live where I please, but i'm getting tired of always trying to make my family happy with my important decisions, and I don't want to have to ask them for any more money ever again.

    So, if you please, read over my listed options, and tell me what you think, or give me advice on the subject. Thanks.

    1. Mordeth


      Stay away from option (3). Seriously, are you actually considering moving into that mess? Again: stay the fuck away from that place. Option (4) also does not sound like a very stable situation.

      I don't get it why this Heather is not able to get her DD back if you take over the lease of the apartment?

      Do option (5) first. It's also good idea to hang up an ad at study/work place, or to let collegues know you're in the market for a new place. While checking out apartments, try option (2) first and probe into option (1). If it looks like that (1) and (2) are not going to work out, you at least haven't wasted time doing (5).

      Do not settle for stuff looking like anything described in option (3). Your home needs to be a secure place; you don't want to have to wonder if it's going to get burned down / burgled tonight by one of your crackhead neighbours.