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Areith Quadrant

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  1. Areith Quadrant

    What is the best WAD you ever played and why?

    Claustrophobia. The greatest mod I've ever played for Doom, honestly. Great story, characters were really like-able, the bosses were awesome, the scenes were great. It's only flaw was it's namesake status of the levels. KDiZD. A really good mod that updated Episode 1 to a whole new level. Better atmosphere, but I most loved the underground section. ICD-SE. A great weapon mod which made many other wads harder to play, the weapons are good (It's only flaw is the reloading system.), the gameplay is very good, and it's just fun playing it through the whole of Doom. Scythe 2. Rather challenging but a very fun and very nicely detailed mod that does deliver a good environment. But my only problem with it is it's high difficulty skill requirement/curve. =P Otherwise, I must be the only one who doesn't like those 'highly favorite' (HR, Memento Mori..) wads that most others praise like <insert term>. XP
  2. Areith Quadrant

    Post your Doom picture! [post in Part 2 instead]

    Doom 2, some map in it. Can't remember to which I warped to. Particularly the Genesis Saga mod I'm working on. Not much to show there though, could've had a better screenshot.
  3. Areith Quadrant

    What's your taste in maps?

    My taste, huh? I can describe it in a nutshell as 'Claustrophobia + KDiZD', but for the reading type who don't like TL;DR'd sentences.. A well detailed map which makes it more believable, areas which keep your interest and which might awestruck you upon first sight and most likely upon others. An interesting storyline to go along with it and a purpose to play it. Good scripting to enhance the mood and storyline even further. New weapons, monsters, maybe even bosses and items are a good plus. A generally nice difficulty level, the wad being somewhat lengthy but still provide lots of fun along the way. Custom graphics are also a plus, and also the levels having a specified theme and such will really help it. And if the pack itself contains characters too, letting the player get attached to them is a definite plus too. Claustrophobia succeeded in that area greatly, and some humor works good too.
  4. Areith Quadrant

    What do you think makes a Huy style map?

    Unprotected even.
  5. Areith Quadrant

    pictures in doom

    I think ZDoom also takes screenshots if you just press the Print Screen button midplay. Works the same as the 'screenshot' console command as if you bound it to a key.
  6. Areith Quadrant

    Your most HATED monster?

    I think Revenants are my number one enemies by far. And it's not because of their health, attack (Although that affects my dislike for them 0.01% more.), it's because of how often they appear. Seeing Imps for several thousands of times, Mancubi, Cyberdemons, Spider Masterminds, Archviles, okay, but god forbid I see another Revenant or I'll scream.
  7. Areith Quadrant

    Has anyone played every Doom game?

    Well, I'm guessing I haven't played a lot, but those that I have: Ultimate Doom, Doom 2, Doom 3, Doom 3 ROE (I think.) .. And that's it, I suppose. :P