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  1. Cage

    Supplice - Wishlist on Steam!

    Hey everyone, we got a date! We're proud to announce that Supplice will be coming out in Early Access on March 30th, 2023! We're aiming towards releasing a third of the game - two episodes with distinct themes and different challenges! Each episode has at least one complex level (similar to what you've seen in the demo) so the initial release is going to be a decent chunk of the game. :)
  2. Cage

    Let's talk palettes

    Thanks! I think it's worth to mention that in Ion Fury's palette I have incorporated the lessons from two palettes I've made before it: Supplice palette - which was my first attempt at optimising similar colors together to gain more variety of hues, as well as incorporating something that I was always missing when making artwork using the stock Doom or Duke palette - often not having an in-between color between the gray and a saturated hue (like blue). Not having the colors fade into muddy gray or brown like in stock Doom was also a goal. This was created for ZDoom's software renderer at the time, but Supplice is fully hardware now - however, all the artwork in game uses only these colors. There's also this palette - for an untitled Build game project I have attempted on my own, didn't work out obviously, but plenty of it idea/design wise went into Ion Fury. I don't remember if this predates the Supplice palette or not - There are some attempts at optimisation here, but I can see quite a few shortcomings of this palette, unlike the one for Supplice. This is also before the Eduke32 engine used extra transparency/blend tables, so the last colors are not only fullbrights, but also only ones that use additive and multiplicative (the gray range) transparency (all done the old school way through shade/transparency tables) - these were meant to be used for effects and computer displays and faux lightmapping done through sprites. The general idea was to create a look between Duke3d and Quake 1. There was also Hacx 2.0 palette, but it's nothing special aside from somewhat fixing the "gray" fade of the stock Doom palette, replacing Doom's blue range with something less saturated and adding a new blue-gray which was very derivative from either Hexen's or Heretic palettes. (Or maybe even from Cyclones? Can't remember but for certain it was from a Raven game)
  3. Cage

    Supplice - Wishlist on Steam!

    GZDoom 4.7.0 breaks the terminals. Some kind of display issue, it also breaks similar features (displays, PDAs etc.) in some Doom mods. It's fixed in the developer build, or you can use for 4.6.1 (Which is the base version of the provided Supplice binary)
  4. Cage

    Supplice - Wishlist on Steam!

    We're planning to have a modding/mapping support in the released game. :)
  5. empress theresa pfp lol

  6. Cage

    Supplice - Wishlist on Steam!

    DEMO IS AVAILABLE NOW! Fight through Outpost Romeda and survive Terminal Melt! Only on Steam:
  7. Cage

    Supplice - Wishlist on Steam!

    Hey everyone! I'm proud to announce Supplice will have a two-level playable demo during Steam Next Fest taking place between October 1st and 7th! Don't miss it!
  8. Cage

    Supplice - Wishlist on Steam!

    SUPPLICE IS NOW ON STEAM! Endure. Adapt. Strike Back. Wishlist now! https://store.steampowered.com/app/1693280/Supplice/
  9. Cage

    Supplice - Wishlist on Steam!

  10. Cage

    BTSX Arranged: What do you want to hear?

    Phobophobe of course!
  11. you're one of the devs that worked on hacx 2.0? Will it be next as your dedicated project after supplice?

  12. Cage

    Post a picture of yourself!

    I bought a seven string!
  13. Cage

    Supplice - Wishlist on Steam!

    Supplice has now it's own Twitter page, and it will be the main method of posting project updates. Please follow us. :) You can find us at @SuppliceGame