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  1. Ultimate Demon

    DOOM 3 video shown @ E3

    Do i get banned by posting this pics? http://image.com.com/gamespot/images/2003/e3/0512/pc_doom305120900_screen003.jpg http://image.com.com/gamespot/images/2003/e3/0512/pc_doom305120900_screen001.jpg What are those things? Spider Demon from hell? Those look so damn cool! And that Lost Soul looks also cool!
  2. Ultimate Demon

    Which weapons would you like to see in Doom III?

    What about the laser weapon in DOOM64? It's the first and problably the last Laser weapon in DOOM
  3. Ultimate Demon

    Who's NOT looking forward to Doom 3?

    I hope that ID puts it in DOOM3 and we get it when we have beaten 50% of the game. Muhahah i can only dream of running round with a Super Shotgun ( same as Double Barreled Shotgun in DOOM II? ) and around the corner a freaking huge Cyber Demon is standing there :-)
  4. Ultimate Demon

    Who's NOT looking forward to Doom 3?

    i'm not looking forward DOOM 3 if it doesn't hve the Double barreled shotgun
  5. Ultimate Demon

    Which weapons would you like to see in Doom III?

    "Fuck that shotgun idea - Doom 3 needs only two shotguns: The single barrel and the double barrel so fuck off with those lame Quadro-mega-ultra shotguns, because they would just be stupid, period. You should rather try and think up some interesting energy cell spending weapons, or some sort of smart mines. " I agree with you DSM. DOOM III needs only two shotguns and look what the four barreled shotgun in Gunman do! It's the lmest weapon in the game ever!
  6. Ultimate Demon

    Doom3 New Monsters?

    "Or maybe a large beast whose had is basically a large brain...and we could call it "motherbrain". " Sorry butMetroid and Super Metroid had a Large Brain as last boss
  7. Ultimate Demon

    What games do you want to see made with the Doom 3 engine?

    Gimme Heretic that uses the DOOM 3 Engine and i'll die Happy :) Tomb Rider 1 is great but the rest sucks...
  8. Ultimate Demon

    Damage system

    If the Demons are real Hellspawned Demons then why do they have Rocket Launchers, Plasma Guns and Chainguns then? [mod]Remember to use the quote tags[/mod]
  9. Ultimate Demon

    Scans are up

    Why ID, WHY??? Why did you have to change the design of the poor old Archville? It looks more like an Alian :(
  10. Ultimate Demon

    Final ending ( real final after boss defeat:p )

    I want to se that the Space Marine starves to death or grows an extra head on his butt so he doesn't feel lonley anymore ;) Nah, but i want a super cool ending :)
  11. Ultimate Demon

    Quake 1 Mod with per pixel light

    I have the Original and i put it in in the tenebrae folder and put the test map there but still wont work :(
  12. Ultimate Demon

    Quake 1 Mod with per pixel light

    How do i do to get that testmap to work in Tenabrea???
  13. Ultimate Demon

    What will U do the day Doom 3 comes out?

    I'll play DOOM3 on my TV :D
  14. Ultimate Demon

    Fanfic Index (updating regularly)

    If you are gonna put up my fanfic you don't have to DSM. Mine is so bad anyways
  15. Ultimate Demon

    DOOM64 - Battle on military base QR6410. Part 1

    I know, i was thinking of following the story exactly. Maybe i can mention that in the story later on. Space Marine would be dead long ago if the radiation was so high?