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  1. Limonata

    Teh Cat brain!

    ROFL I found this today and i was literally rofling!!!!
  2. Limonata

    Your Favorite Ancient God

    Who is your favorite ancient god? It can be any god from any era, like the roman gods, hidu gods or any other ones you can think of. I choose Hermes. I think he's awesome.
  3. Limonata

    A Question about a TV prouction company

    I think I saw it after an episode of "House".....does that sound right?
  4. I dont understand the method behind using custom decorate monsters with ZDoom wads, or rather how to include decorate objects/monsters in my wads. Could someone give me a few steps? I have XWE, but I'm still confused....
  5. Who is that company that, after tv shows are over, have the little thing that goes "That's some bad hat Harry"?