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Status Updates posted by destx

  1. I'm 20.

    and drunk

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    2. DooMBoy


      Job said:

      Man, I remember the old days when I was a kid and years seemed to take years to pass. Now that I'm an old man (nearly 22) they seem to come and go way too quickly.

      I feel the same way. I'm a slightly older old man (nearly 23) and I still can't believe I'm in my 20s. I never thought that the much talked about teenage years would come and go as quick as they did, either, for that matter. Seems like just yesterday I was 12 going on 13. Oh the memories...

    3. Sharessa


      My teenage years were gay. My 20's are shaping up to be much better. It just kind of sucks because I feel old now. :P

    4. Scuba Steve

      Scuba Steve

      Danarchy said:

      My teenage years were gay...

      So you...

      No, to easy.