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  1. http://tomd666.kiwibonga.com/DEWMLOL.mp3

    This will be the best thing you have ever heard! Beats all those other Doom remixes to the ground! Hardcore action right here!

    1. destx


      this mp3 makes my penis hard

      btw spank, I think you've mistaken this mp3 for chuck norris

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  2. This happened 5 minutes ago on the tram. A woman probably in her 50's sits in front of me. All of a sudden she turns around and stares at me.

    Her: What country are you from?
    Me: What, me? Sweden.
    Her: So that's what you do in the evenings?
    Me: Huh?
    Her: You think it's right to torture women who fight for women's rights?
    Me: No.
    Her: (undecipherable), and damn you to hell!
    Me: Ok.

    Fortunately the tram was just about to arrive at my stop.

    Scary. Her brain seemed to be disabled entirely.

  3. Just post what you're listening to:
    Biosphere - Bose-Einstein condensation

  4. Driving so much fun.

    My first lesson was cool. I mastered turning.

    My second lesson was better, I mastered turning again and was told that I did something, I can't remember what, that was hard to learn and had it down to an art. Something to do with stopping in the right location, meh.

    My third lesson is where it all went tits up. I absolutely failed at the three point turn and then came the roundabouts... they were fun but I had no clue how to deal with them... I should have paid more attention I guess and I was supposed to master meeting situations, but the roads we were on were dead.

    My fourth lesson was a shambles. I sorted out my clutch control and did a very slow three point turn, and I mastered reversing round corners. But then we revisited roundabouts. Well here is what ruined the rest of the lesson;

    I aproached the roundabout. I went into the right hand lane and hit the curb. I waited on the curb for a gap and stalled the car when I tried to pull out too early, releasing the clutch at super sonic rates while a huge bus sails by... Well it looked huge from such a tiny car. So I pull onto the roundabout finally. I'm moving so slow everybody is trying to drive around me. And as the instructor is swearing at the cars I clip the roundabout's curb - I'm not looking where I'm going, I'm watching the other cars with shame. Seeing the last hurdle coming I speed the hell out of the roundabout. WHEW! Then when the instructor asks me to park so he can bollock me I speed right into the curb and stall the car there.

    For the rest of the lesson I was pretty shaky, mainly because my instructor was pissed off that I could have broken his tire, so I fucked up for the rest of the day.

    My fifth lesson was cool, I mastered my fear of the roundabout and did some beauties, I shifted gears like butter on lubed grease, travelling at 60 like the king of men I am. But when I revisited reversing around corners I fucked up earned more wrath from my instructor, and fucked up all the way home.

    These are the only things I look forward to in my life right now... aside from waiting for an hour in the job centre every other tuesday so I can have a five second conversation with a dude in a dress.

    Any stories from the L-plate? how long did it take you to hit the open road?

  5. Yes I just went there

    1. destx


      [i]Kid Airbag said:
      BLAH BLAH I should bash my face in with a sledgehammer BLAH BLAH BLAH


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  6. So about a month ago, my laptop's screen broke. Not in the way that I couldn't see anything (the picture was still crystal clear), but rather in the sense that it wouldn't stay in an upright position. The whole screen just flopped backwards.

    Well, I fixed it. And I find my fix amusing.

  7. Yes I just went there

    1. destx


      Re: the thread

      SUCKS: Coldplay, Radiohead, Nirvana
      RULES: Bowie, Beatles, Queen, AiC, Soundgarden

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  8. They're still shooting X-Men 3 today, but for me it ended yesterday. The first day, it was do absolutely nothing in the holding area.

    The second day we finally went to set, it was mostly establishing shots for the Mutant encampment, and a special effect. They were supposed to do a part where Jean Grey as phoenix walks through the encampment. They didn't, she did however, take a walk around the set. Famke Janssen walked right by me. Yowza!

    The 3rd day was Magneto's monologue. He gave a facist speech about Muntant supremacy, the extermination of humanity and any mutants that stand in the way.

    As soon as he got on set, sure enough somebody yelled "You rule Gandalf!" and then Ian did a line out of LOTR. I'm not really into LOTR but it was the line where he says something about the raven. And then everyone started cheering.

    Then he started doing the monologue, and we were suppossed to cheer at certain points in the monologue.

    Magneto:"They wish to cure us!"

    Mutants:"NO! NEVER! ETC"

    Magneto:"But I say we are the cure!"

    Mutants:"YEAH! WE ARE! ETC"

    It goes on like that. Only problem was they couldn't get the same enthusiam out of us, as when Ian did Gandalf. Also after yelling take after take, one starts to lose their voice. And there was alot of that. So after we finished, and went on a break I walked around set and was talking to some other extras.

    Then Ian Mckellen walks by and says "Hello." We said hi back to him, and he continued on his way. Yeah I know, big deal. "OMGZ! IAN MCKELLEN SEZ HELLO! I R L33TZ LOLZ!"

    He's really cool, and not a stuck up prick at all. Also after Ian came by we saw the dude that plays Pyro walked by and stood there, like he was waiting for someone to talk to him, but no one cared.

    The fourth day, was more of the same, Magneto doing his speech. Only Wolverine walks through the crowd. I stood right by him as he began his walk through the crowd. During rehearsal he asked me if I could move over a foot.

    There's much more to ramble on about, but I'm really sick. Ontop of doing the extra work, I was also doing my nightime job ontop of it, so I've had little sleep until today.

    There were also extras who got fired.

    Since it was shot in a large wooded park, people weren't allowed to smoke directly on the set, as the forest is "DUH!" extremely flammable. People were warned about it, and then there were people who persisted and were fired.

    There was a person fired for being drunk.

    5 people were fired for smoking weed.

    There's alot of tents on the set, and 3 guys and a girl were fired for having sex in one. Yes, they were all in the same tent simultaneously.

    Finally, one person was fired for shooting up heroin behind a trailer.

    All in all it was loads of fun, and probably the most fun I've ever had doing it.

    1. destx


      BBG said:

      I'm not retarded


      Sorry. I could not resist.

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  9. Just post what you're listening to:
    Biosphere - Bose-Einstein condensation

    1. destx


      Bal-Sagoth - Return To The Praesidium of Ys

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  10. Dear Blog,

    I've just booked flights for a trip to New Zealand in September-October. I'll be based in Queenstown.

    To justify a few more links to Google images searches, I'll mention that I'll be travelling from London and via Singapore and Auckland. And another fun link.

    The plan is to catch the end of the ski season, but if there's an early spring, then there'll be plenty of other stuff to do. I might travel around bit too, possibly to the south coast. I'll arrive too late for the Wanaka Fest though.

    So, um, yeah.

    1. destx


      Slack my ass, I've been freezing my balls off for the past few months.

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  11. all i can say is mary magdaline fucked my corpse alot in that cave for 3 days after i was crucified by u doomers and sent to limbo for ur sins, and huh me and mary are moving to paris where i can live hidden and build a chiurch in my name thanks to u faithful servants of the doom cumminity who brought me back from the dead i really missed these furoms, ill keep it tamed

  12. So I've been thinking about the subject of war, and I just can't help but think about something. Recently, there's been an interesting trend. Consider the Star Wars Prequels... An enormous war breaks out throughout the galaxy. Many people valiantly die for the cause, and yet in the end, it turns out that the entire thing was simply a distraction created by Palpatine so that he could take over the galaxy. It really didn't matter how the war came out... The result would have bene the same.

    Then I realized that Lord of the Rings is another similar situation. Massive war breaks out in Middle Earth, but the point of the war was not what it seemed. Once again, the victor wasn't important; the point of the war was to provide a distraction so that Frodo could destroy the Ring.

    Of course, there are plently of political implications for Bush's current war in Iraq. Is all war like this? Do the powers-that-be simply pull the wool over our eyes, convince us that we're fighting for a cause worth killing or dying for, and simply reap the benefits of their political maneuvers? Of course the more I think about it, the more wars I realize were politically motivated, but is it possible that all wars are? I mean, I have a hard time believing that this is why we fought World War II, for example, but it does raise questions. And it really is a horrifying thought, the fact that some people are willing to send entire armies off to fight and die.

    Geez... It's not that I didn't know that many wars were not worth the lives lost, but the thought that the concept of war itself is not just... Well, of course, I've never condoned war, but I always assumed that there were righteous causes out there (survival, etc.) worth fighting for, but now I just can't imagine that to be the case. Wow, I'm really having a "Duh" moment here. Then again, think about how many millions, if not billions, of people there are in the world who don't realize that war is not right.

  13. Just post what you're listening to:
    Biosphere - Bose-Einstein condensation

  14. Just post what you're listening to:
    Biosphere - Bose-Einstein condensation

  15. Just post what you're listening to:
    Biosphere - Bose-Einstein condensation

  16. Just post what you're listening to:
    Biosphere - Bose-Einstein condensation

  17. Just post what you're listening to:
    Biosphere - Bose-Einstein condensation

    1. destx


      Bal-Sagoth - The Dark Liege Of Chaos Is Unleashed At The Ensorcelled Shrine of A'Zura Kai (The Splendour Of A Thousand Swords Gleaming Beneath The Blazon Of The Hyperborean Empire (Part II))

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  18. Just post what you're listening to:
    Biosphere - Bose-Einstein condensation

    1. destx


      Anaal Nathrakh - The Supreme Necrotic Audnance

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  19. Just post what you're listening to:
    Biosphere - Bose-Einstein condensation

  20. -

    1. destx


      I just got the tape measure out and ran it across the Dyson I have in my back yard, Ling is off by 12.123456789 square metres.

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  21. The reason I have been away from doomworld for a while is because my life is FUCKING FALLING APART. My hockey team folded(i cannot fully describe it in four words). My aunt can't walk anymore. My cousin is near death. Everyone makes fun of me, being a FUCKING RETARD towards me. I never did anything to them, and ALWAYS, either it is at work, at school, at hockey, or just plain on the phone(answering machine). I think if i died tomorrow, about 15 people would care. MAYBE 20-25. At the most. Now, i have no criminal or juvinile background. I have never stole anything from anyone, nor loved money more than anything in the world. I dearly hope nobody else will get deeply sick in the next year, or I don't know what i am going to do. But why me? Sure, i have lied(well, who doesn't once in a while?) but that really doesn't make a big deal. Something is probably going to happen next. I have no idea at all, but if it's at the same level of horror this is, then, well, that would suck, wouldn't it? I cannot and will not describe my other personal fears and happenings here on doomworld. They are just too horrible to describe in one sentence. Take my hockey team, for example. My travel hockey team folded. Now, we could have gone to Toronto, Cleveland, Holland(i would have been in holland, michigan right now), St. Louis, South Bend, Chicago, and many other places. But because one of my friends dropped out, the dominoes fell. My coach left. My goalie left. A ton of players left. All that was left was a new coach and 6-7 kids. He tried to repair the team and promised not to fold and big, awesome tournaments, but that never happened. I waited until the ship sunk. And it did sink. The team collapsed. I now play for a different hockey leauge. But that was just the start of it. But why me? What did i do?

    1. destx




      God hates you so much
      Why don't you just kill yourself
      Cut down not across


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  22. I would really like to know how to port levels made from Macintosh, to levels you can play in windows for these two games: Wolfenstein (3D) and doom.

    The reason: It actually started with wolf. I whent to Laz's wolf page http://www.geocities.com/TimesSquare/3744/index2.html. I downloaded a few of the scenarios but they're Macontosh files. Since im a windows user, all I get is some soandso.sit file. (where soandso is the name of the thing im downloading.) I would like to know if there is a way to convert this ".sit" file in to a windows file. While your at it, could you also tell me the same but with doom wads?

    ( Im having this bad feeling that you can't convert Mac files to Windows files.)

    1. destx


      Joe said:

      They are. Higher resolutions and the such!

      It was indeed a nice port. It even had a (stupid) rocket launcher.

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  23. EDIT: Wow, I phrased that rather stupidly

    1. destx


      Cut yourself. It's the only way to let the angst out.

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