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Status Replies posted by destx

  1. Just post what you're listening to:
    Biosphere - Bose-Einstein condensation

  2. Hey I'm just wondering I'm also thinking about maybe going with a 2.6 ghz emachine but there all integrated boards so If it has 2 available PCI slots would I be able to put a good PCI video card and use that with the system instead of the shitty one already with the motherboard?.

  3. who decided i sucked because i made a shitty placeholder head

    334 polys

  4. Looking back, it's come to logical terms that I am just totally awesome. oldz0r.zip for example. I mean, the excellent detailing and superb gameplay made that one of the best zips of the year. UDM1 (with the exception of MAP06 and MAP17, bleh) is another thing I'm really proud of. This time I'm being serious. The top-quality gameplay and replaybility that this provided is only surpassable (in my opinion) by most of dwango6. And then there's NESDoom (whenever I get around to releasing the demo). Although I've contributed fuck all towards it, excluding those really great sounds that I made (what I shame if I don't release it), the concept and the novelty factor of it is just really awesome. UDM2, same thing as UDM1, except I only did three "Ralphis Approved" maps (there was another three as well, but Ralph bitched and moaned like a little girl) for it. Go play it, you'll realise how awesome I am (MAP03 MAP03 MAP03 (MAP31)). Mock 2... as soon as Hyena reappears from the mists, I'm going to yell at him for delaying it. I put in a (suprisingly) lot of work in making such incredibly... unique levels for it. Not to mention all the other crap I did.

    In a nutshell, I rule. Ralph sucks. Just to prove that I rule:

    As compared to that picture of Ralph that I no longer have, I look (and more to the point, am) rather sexy.