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Posts posted by destx

  1. SlayeR said:

    Plan on upgrading the video card later this year when the new nvidia series cards are out

    Big N is keeping me waiting too.

    Planky said:

    Yea bwoy, I've got one of those. Hardware within:

    • Intel Core i5-2500K (Sandy Bridge, Quad 3.30 GHz)
    • EVGA GeForce GTX 460 1GB
    • 4GB(2x2GB) DDR3-1333 RipJaws G.Skill RAM (Obnoxious product names, I bet razer is jealous)
    • Gigabyte GA-P67A-UD3R-B3 Mobo
    • 500GB + 1TB WD Drives
    • 620w SeaSonic PSU
    • No internal optical drive because I'm a future spaceman.
    The above system is almost exclusively for games while my main workhorse is a Core2Duo 2GHz Mac Mini with a 350GB 7200rpm HD and 2GB of RAM running OS X 10.6.

    Shared between them are a Microsoft Sidewinder x4 keyboard and a Cyborg V3 mouse. Also a couple of Dell monitors for looking at.

  2. R-Blazer said:

    I'm still thinking about the mouse look, though I will lean on making it not a necessity to the actual game, (by most likely adding obvious indestructible armored enemies rather than normal ones above you.) So for those who like to keep it more natural they can mouse look, but it may just not benefit them.

    Yessss. If you can do this I'll definitely buy your game and pimp it as much as I can, even if it's just a console setting. I loved the alpha otherwise and I think multi-player would be a blast.

    And yeah, GooberMan is right, the weapon balance could do with some tweaks.

  3. Played through the alpha on the weekend; really fast and fun with some cool music and art.

    I was extremely excited at first, however, they seem to have intentionally disabled vertical mouselook at an engine level (none of the Quake/DP mouselook console commands work) which made me really fucking angry - I can't stand not having proper mouse controls, even if the gameplay is 2D.

    If that doesn't get fixed, they won't see any money from me.

  4. kmxexii said:

    Mage Gauntlet (iOS). I will probably get every game Rocketcat does.

    Aww yeeaa son. After Hook Worlds this was an instant-buy for me, i'll be buying everything they make in the future. It's so rare to find games that are both hilarious and well designed.

    Snarboo said:

    I'm glad I wasn't the only one to play Capsized! I beat it about mid 2011 and enjoyed every minute of it. My only problem was that it was too damn short. Still need to play more of Rochard, I liked the demo a lot.

    Yeah, I was really reluctant to buy Rochard, but I tried the demo during the steam sale and it clicked with me immediately.
    Both games really flew under the press radar, marketing needs to get their ass in line :(
    I also blame the constant torrent of shitty indie side-scrollers. It seems like every horrible 'arty' flash-based half-assed knockoff gets ten times as much coverage as these two did.

  5. My brain says Deus Ex: HR but my heart says Saints Row 3.

    Serious Sam 3, Space Marine, PAYDAY, Capsized and Rochard were all great too. The new Sonic game deserves a mention for being not shit against all odds, and also a very competent PC release for a series that's always been console oriented.

    I really enjoyed, but was still disappointed by: Rage, DNF and Portal 2.

  6. Finished it last night, fuckin' amazing.

    My co-op partner was kind of annoyed with the reloading, personally I didn't really have an issue. The shotgun & devastator (HOLY SHIT THE DEVASTATOR) reload speeds are perfect, but I think the assault rifle should be about 25% quicker. It's definitely the weakest element in the game, I miss the Tommy gun. A second pistol would be nice too.

    Last time I checked there were 18,000 people on the leaderboards, so it's made a few sales. I really hope Croteam and Devolver do well out of this, they deserve it.

    The visuals are sort of inconsistent at the start, but for the most part it looks damn pretty. Again, the engine scales quite well and doesn't faceplant when you've got 40 bads on screen.

  7. GreyGhost said:

    Are there still any active forum members in New Zealand? Being amongst the first to greet the new day means they could provide a vital service for the rest of the community by acting as our early warning system on the 21st.

    Planky said:

    Destx is still there

    It all depends on what time it's happening, if it's at midnight I'll definitely still be awake then. But as it falls on a Saturday, if it's a morning thing I'm really not gonna be reporting any giant bearded dudes or chitinous cosmic horrors untill at least 11 am.

    Wouldn't be the first time I slept in past armageddon.

  8. Grazza said:

    It's fortunate that the move towards a crap delivery system has coincided with new games also becoming worse and worse.


    A new innovative games distribution system allows independent developers with interesting ideas to get their games out there and potentially make huge amounts of money while doing it without some fucking accountant calling the shots and sucking the life out of their game to please their goddamn stockholders or mouth-breathing focus groups. Steam encourages experimentation while preventing the huge publishers and their degenerative rail-shooters from gaining complete domination of the market.

    Like it or not, Steam is keeping PC gaming afloat while the likes of Microsoft (of all people) do their best to sink it. If it weren't for gaben and his bros we'd all be playing games on those glorified fucking VCRs. Sure, Valve had to use some unlike-able tactics (DRM etc) to pull it off, but on this planet run by CFOs what the fuck do you expect? Nobody ain't doing shit unless they are guaranteed their rape dollars.