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  1. steam fuckin' rocks.....
    anyone who sez otherwise is a hermit nerd and probably on dialup or some other 1995 internet B-)

    The only thing that irks me about it is that it seems to grab a lot of superfluous data at times, L4D2's latest DLC is a good example. And 10GB for (m)ass effect? seems excessive.

    I think it grabbed all of the language files instead of just english.

    Also the game was absolutely shit.

  2. Shaviro said:

    low-res textures

    That's the first thing I noticed when I looked at these new images. In this picture the textures are fucking abysmal. It looks like something from the pre HL2/Doom3 generation, you can't even read the fucking text on the vending machine. The way she's desperately thrusting her chest out is funny, it's like they're trying to distract you from noticing the Nintendo 64 environment around her. I'm being optimistic though and hoping that either A) this is an xbox screenshot or B) they're non-final placeholder textures.

    What confuses me is that the characters look extremely detailed and stylish. Why show off other things if they're going to make the game look bad?

  3. I probably sounds like I'm being paid to say this, but I'm pretty sure this is relevant. I just saw that Blood (& expansions) is for sale at Good Old Games for $6.

    If you're not familiar with GOG, they get the rights to sell old games (that are good), clean them up so they work with modern operating systems and provide support for them. The whole thing is done without any DRM, so you can just download your game then back it up and install it at any time without authorisation. There doesn't appear to be any limit on the number of times you download the game, either.

    Even if you don't like Blood, it's worth checking out the site, they've got some pretty obscure titles there and even a couple of free games.

  4. wahhh tf2 isnt doom
    why doesnt it have single player????

    Viewtiful-Chris you're making yourself look like a total moron. You obviously don't like TF2 and wanted a thread about how much it sucks. But it doesn't.

    Why would it have single player? None of the Team Fortress incarnations have ever had a single player mode. It would be like playing football by yourself. Fuck, at $20 it's a budget game. It only does one thing but it does it well.

    Go buy Modern Warfare 2. Then you can have your shitty multiplayer and a shitty single player campaign! By your logic it doesn't matter that it sucks as long as you get single player, right?

  5. It's pretty fucking good, yeah. But like any other online game it depends on the other players and whether or not the server is loaded with shitty modifications.

    I'm a huge fan of QWTF too, I wish people still played it. D:

    Use3D said:

    Got into the PS3 version

    Why'd you do that? Playing FPS games on a console is like steering a car with your feet. Also the PS3 version sucks because it hasn't received the huge amount of updates the PC version has.

  6. Maes said:

    A bunch of shit that hasn't been relevant for 15+ years

    Step out of the 90s dude, Amiga is dead and it isn't coming back (as much as I would like it to ;_; ).

    I would give Macs some leeway if at least their zealots acknowledged that they were not always the hot stuff they are cracked up to be, and that today they are nothing more than an IBM PC compatible with a different OS.

    PROTIP: Zealots of all kinds are fucking morons. Most (intelligent) people who use macs realise that they are paying a premium and they are happy with that. They usually have a resason for it, maybe they don't want to support microsoft, maybe they just like the pretty hardware. Not everybody has to have the OMG DUAL OCTOHEXACORE CORE i20 BUT DONT PUT IT ON THE CARPET OR IT WILL MELT IT AND SET YOUR HOUSE ON FIRE $100 home-built box. Or the mid-priced HP computer made of straw.

    And somehow they managed to apply that same shitty philosophy of overpriced & underperforming to the iPod, the iPhone and now the iPad. It's amazing.

    well it worked for nintendo. twice.

    And yes.

    Macs are gay.


  7. People who question the sexuality of others just because they use True Computing Machines have minuscule penises. You peons are just jealous because you can't afford the Superior Apple Macintosh Computer System.

    tl;dr: windoze is for pindick fagits

  8. It's obvious that these are just features they had built into the game from day one, but someone (probably their shitty publisher) decided to deny the user access so they could squeeze some more money out of people who paid for the game. They're not even trying to hide it any more, Dragon Age was the same. Maybe Bioshock 3 will ask for your credit card number every time you pick up a new weapon.

  9. Maes said:

    Yeah, because those artificial sweeteners are soooo much healthier.

    Peh. It seems odd to me that every single atrificial sweetner is met with some kinda IT GIVES YOU THE HEAD CANCER AND MAKES YOU FAT response despite the fact that all the science dudes say it's not going to kill you unless you eat 300KG of it a day and you're a rat. These stories are obviously made up by sugar farmers and also willy wonka is osama bin laden. THINK ABOUT IT PEOPLE