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  1. So, it's been out for almost a week and I've barely played anything else. Has anybody else had the pleasure of playing this yet?

    I'd forgotten how colourful and insane this game is, holy shit I love it. The updated graphics look extremely sexy, even without everything turned up. Serious Engine 3 scales really well and still handles a bazillion monsters on screen in gigantic environments without breaking a sweat; There's a ridiculous number of options in the graphics settings so precise tweaking is pretty easy. An interesting feature to me is kids mode, which turns the blood into stars and sparkles and gibs into lollipops and candy canes, for some reason this really appeals to me even though I'm rather keen on gory games.

    It's not perfect though, there are a few over-scaled textures here and there. The sound hasn't been updated (Not that it was required IMO) and I had a couple of driver-related BSODs. Croteam have announced that deathmatch and dedicated servers are going to be patched into the game soon and Second Endounter HD will be out early next year with Serious Sam 3 following some time after that.

    The (16 player!) co-op is much smoother and it's really easy to hop into a game. It'd be cool to trade Steam IDs here and maybe get some doomworld co-op going.

  2. Aliotroph? said:

    There are no Safari users because Safari sucks. I know lots and lots of Mac users. I have a Mac too. None of us use Safari.

    While I don't use Safari, I wouldn't say it sucks exactly. It's a perfectly good browser, but it's completely irrelevant because it doesn't have Opera's huge feature-set or the extensibility of Firefox. I don't know why Apple bothered making it. I do appreciate WebKit though.

  3. Bloodshedder said:

    You could uninstall Steam entirely, reinstall it on another drive, and have it redownload all of your games.

    As long as you keep the game files (I think they're in /steamapps/) you can just move them in to the new install location and they won't have to re-download.

  4. DuckReconMajor said:

    i bought doom on steam and it is all retarded

    What? no it isn't. it's just plain old doom being run through DOSBox. You can copy the wads and other files and do whatever you like with them. It's the same as installing the game from CD or floppy.

    Enjay said:

    I don't care. I don't want it to advertise to me. I find tailored advertising of this type more offensive in many ways than the random type. Also, it's a lot more than deals. A lot of "news" that it gives you is just advertising in sheep's clothing. If its unsolicited, it's no better than spam mail.

    You can turn advertising off. It's not hard. I actually turned it back on because it's nice to know when a new game is available.

    While I understand your immense frustration with Steam (When I first used it I was on dialup too) but it really does shine when everything works as intended - which it usually does, I haven't had any problems in the past year and I've been playing more games with my friends than ever. I think it's inevitable that one day you will see the light and you will joooiiinnn ussssss

  5. Super Jamie said:

    WOW! You are the first person I've ever met who thought Fight Club was anything less than brilliant and life-changing. What don't you like about it?

    Perhaps I just don't understand how 'crazy dude teams up with a bunch of other crazy people and does crazy things that aren't particularly interesting or funny' makes an entertaining or insightful movie. And the evil imaginary friend thing was just a variation of the dreaded "it was all just a dream" ending.

    DooMAD said:

    I can only assume you mean in a "so bad it's good" hilarious sort of way, heh.

    Well, yeah, it's pretty obvious that's what they were going for. My god the musical parts are just so horrific awesome. I recommend that you watch it with the DVD commentary on.

  6. Super Jamie said:

    You (and the other ~80% of people on Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic who give this series poor reviews) are insane! I don't understand what was so bad about these films, I love them all so much. The music, the story, the scenery, the actors, the effects, the action, the subject - it's just win after win after win. I love Resident Evil.

    Haha, you're not alone. I really liked the movies, much more than the games.

    Here's some movies I like:
    Conan the Barbarian
    Street Fighter
    Grosse Pointe Blank
    Tongan Ninja
    Tetsuo 2: Body Hammer
    Terminator 2
    X-Men 2
    Hot Fuzz
    Loaded Weapon 1
    Rambo IV
    Super Troopers
    Starship Troopers
    Die Hard
    Kung Pow

    I saw Zombieland recently, that was really cool. Also I really liked that terrible Ghost Rider movie, shit was hilarious.

    Come to think of it, (like Danarchy) I generally don't watch movies I know I'm not going to like and I tend to get a lot of entertainment out of really bad movies so it's difficult to list ones that I really hated.
    Anyway, here's a few I thought really sucked:
    Transformers 1&2
    Fight Club
    Fantastic Four
    Casino Royale
    The Thin Red Line
    Star Wars I
    EDIT: Night Watch (Why do people like this shit? holy fuck.)

  7. Hellbent said:

    Plus, Lady Gaga is super fine in this video.

    I think maybe you should look a little closer...

    But hey, if you have a thing for Gollum and/or holocaust victims I bet she looks extra super fine.

    Hellbent said:
    Vampira video

    Oh, I love that. Devin's the biggest dork ever but he does it so well.

  8. david_a said:

    Most of the stuff in L4D2 looks like it should have been included in an expansion pack or something, not a full-cost game.

    But Left 4 Dead 2 has more content than L4D, in my experience expansion packs usually only add a few levels and a couple of weapons. Besides, if you preorder with the 4-pack* It's only $35 US, which is great value compared to certian other games.

    *I wouldn't really recommend buying the game unless you 3 friends who also play anyway.

  9. Let me start with: Well done on forming such a strong opinion on a game by watching someone play the demo on the goddamn xbox.

    40oz said:
    The scary suspenseful music tracks of L4D (...e) are borrowed and used in this one, except they are remixed to suit each character.

    No they aren't.They're remixed for the new (southern) environment. Everybody hears the same thing.

    WAAAAAA l4d1 was scary but l4d2 isn't scary I hate it

    What the fuck is up with people saying this? L4D was never scary. There was the occasional fright when you get surprised by a zombie, but to me the game was always an action-comedy. I mean really, what's so scary about four wise-cracking cartoon characters mowing down hordes of zombies?

    Besides, At least a few of the other missions take place in darker conditions. There's one where it rains really heavily, looks cool.

    If I haven't made it plainly obvious, I'd a big fan of the game and I loved the L4D2 demo. The new guns feel perfect, the gore system is fucking awesome and the new items & special infected really freshen up the game.