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Posts posted by destx

  1. Starke Von Oben said:

    If you want to dress up for Halloween by all means do.

    Just don't get expect to get laid this year on Halloween if you do...


    I'll see you at our next LARP meeting...


    To be ignorant of one's ignorance is the malady of the ignorant.

    Haha, are you pretending to be an annoying cunt / douche-bag tough-guy for Halloween, or are you like this all the time? If not, great costume bro!

  2. 40oz said:

    fuck that I couldn't care less about the quality. I prefer live tracks over recording studio ones. Even if they are awfully raspy and record parts of them before they are even ready to start playing and all you hear is fuzz.

    That's not what this thread is about.
    It's about the digital compression after the recording, I think live stuff tend to be affected by it the most.

    Personally I used to be one of the people that argued that 128kbps is enough, but I really prefer 256+ these days. Depends on the encoder as well I think.

  3. Danarchy said:

    However, I kind of like this one better.

    I second that, this is an excellent documentary. Really eerie.

    I eagerly look forward to seeing how North Korea turns out after their great leader disgusting psychopath dies. Though it would be nice if someone gets sick of putting up with his shit and invades before that.

  4. Nomad said:

    Master of Disguise (Phantom FX Remix), from Disguised Masters. Gansgta rap remix of the last song

    Hahahah, oh my god that is fucking terrible. I'd forgotten about that particular track because deleted it shortly after ripping the album. Though many of the other tracks on that album are intensely awesome.

    I'll post something a bit different from my usual listening habits, as there's already a metal thread going.

    [b]The Mount Fuji Doomjazz Corporation - Succubus

    "'Succubus' is a live improv session recorded while viewing Jess Franco's exploitation classic 'Succubus' from 1969."

    These guys, along with Bohren & der Club of Gore have released some seriously dark fucking jazz.

    Bohren & der Club Of Gore - Grave Wisdom

  5. Nomad said:

    Also, has Eluveitie been on some sort of big tour like Ozzfest lately or something? I've noticed them becoming pretty well known. They're pretty decent though I prefer their first album, Ven. It was a lot more "Folk + Death" oriented rather than the newer "Melodic Death with a hint of Folk" they've got going on.

    I checked them out a while ago - they sounded like metalcore with flutes to me, really obnoxious. Which is probably why they're getting popular with the kids.

    edit: get off my lawn