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  1. Jodwin said:

    Not like it matters, online FPSs are nothing but huge virtual sausage fests and thus made of suck.

    Um, so you play other kinds of online games in order to meet women?


    i dont even


  2. Fucking pathetic. They could have made a few small changes and they would have made something almost original. But it's like they were determined to rip off TF2, either way it's just another Korean cash-shop game. The whole "pay to win" concept is so goddamn lame.

  3. Craigs said:

    I don't remember Hitler being that easy to kill.

    Hell, BJ managed to kill Hans without even shooting at him. He just snaps his neck, which is stupid because Hans clearly doesn't even have a neck in the game.



  4. Raven made a the-story-so-far video for the new Wolfenstein game (at least I think that's what it is). It's pretty cheesy and doesn't get started until about 1:25, but it's pretty cool after that. I guess this kinda makes up for Hitler not being in the new game, the art style is really nice too.

    You can watch it in HD here. Just try not to read the comments.

    P.S. "Motion comic" ...what?

  5. Holy balls, this is cool. Croteam and some other dudes are dusting off Serious Sam for re-release on their new engine with updated graphics. It's gonna be released on PC and Xbox 360.

    From the Article:

    cdv Software Entertainment AG is working with Croteam and Devolver Digital to bring Serious Sam HD for PC to retail and digital download in all worldwide territories excluding Russia. (wtf?)

    Originally released in 2001, Serious Sam won numerous accolades including Game of the Year on Gamespot and Editor's Choice on IGN. Developed on Croteam's proprietary Serious Engine 3; Serious Sam HD stays true to the source material, as our hero takes on Lord Mental's forces across a variety of battlegrounds set in various ancient civilisations. The gameplay remains as intense as ever and the humour intact, all this in glorious high definition!

    It'll be interesting to see how a modern engine can handles the ridiculous numbers of enemies in Serious Sam. L4D kinda-sorta did this, though it really wasn't on a Serious scale. I'm also hoping that co-op will stay intact, it'd be one hell of a fuck-up if they dropped that. Do you guys think it's shallow to re-release an old title with new graphics? It seems to be becoming a trend lately. At least it's more honest than releasing a 'sequel' every year I suppose. callofmaddenXIVsmackdown2011

    Also pictures.

  6. fraggle said:

    Nice, but to be honest it's not that incredible considering it's basically just a Linux device.

    It does say something about the Pre though. A lot of people were afraid that it would never do anything particularly interesting (games) without huge amounts of work. All I ever heard about development is that it would be easy but you'd only have access to javascript and html 5.

    That's one of the reasons I didn't get excited about this platform, but seeing that someone can get Doom up and running on it after only a week makes me more interested in it.

  7. David_Dweedle said:

    All American comedy is and ever will be is un-funny Copys of Funny british Shows like the office.

    Oh please, that's bullshit.

    The office was never funny - I think the word you're looking for is painful. And America does have its share of funny shows.

  8. Graf Zahl said:

    I don't think that it's ok that Apple devices only work well with other Apple devices. Example: To develop iPhone software you need a Mac.

    Not even Microsoft is that restrictive.

    Yeah, because you totally don't need Windows to develop for the Windows Mobile platform. Also Zunes work great under Linux and I have a ten foot dick.

    Why is it that someone can't mention an the iPhone on the internet without starting an Apple-hate circlejerk? Keep it in your pants for once you fucking mongs.