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Posts posted by destx

  1. Butts said:

    No, it's not time for a new Burzum album. Varg refuses to pick up the guitar because rock was invented by a black person (or something like that) and a jewish guy invented keyboards, and a whole bunch of other really racist "reasons".

    Actually he retracted those statements, he's said he'll probably do another album after he's released. Also he wants to live on a farm with a nice lady.

  2. Aseph said:

    Funny how you can hear the Metallica albums gradually devolving into suck even when you're only given clusters of second-long samples like that.

    Hahaha, I was about to say the same thing. The slayer one is similar but they don't turn into country in the middle.

  3. Damn. I was really hoping that this would iron out the kinks in Vista, but nothing I have read sugests that this is anything other than Vista with a modified interface (though I do like the screenshots I've seen, looks pretty and fairly original). Does it actually have any major new features? It'd be nice to finally see the cool new stuff that was cut from vista (EVERYTHING).

    Though it's a beta so maybe they will make some changes before release. Or maybe not.

    I'm starting to think they should go back to win2k and build something based on that again. After all, XP turned out okay eventually.

  4. Youtube has come a long way technology wise. If videos are uploaded in a respectable quality, you can now watch them at pretty much the same quality.

    Example: http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=oGlhgVz5r6E (click the "Watch in HD" link under the bottom right of the video)

    That said, the userbase is terrible, Even the dumbest of fucks enjoy youtube, I think it's because it doesn't require much interaction. Many of the comments made seem to be the internet equivalent of yelling at the TV. They can be very entertaining sometimes.

    Edit: Also videobloggers can take a running jump.

  5. Shaikoten said:


    I'm inclined to agree that Apple usually drops the ball with their mice, which is why I always use Microsoft mice with my Macs. If nothing else, Microsoft makes some fucking great mice.

    Unfortunately a great many people are still under the impression that Apple computers do not support mice with more than one button. This hasn't been the truth for over a decade. I have a 5 button intellimouse pulgged into this Mac Mini and it works perfectly.

    As for the "graphically bloated" operating system, you can turn all of that stuff off if you like - just like in most other modern OSes.

    ps cool jpegs bro :))))))

  6. JohnnyRancid said:

    I'm plotting to delete everyone on that list except for the select people he knows. I don't care if he gets pissed off, he can bitch, fight, cry all he wants, the reaction means nothing to me as long as he let's go of this stupid addiction.

    Great plan dude, maybe he'll run away and freeze to death!