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  1. CactuarCatcher

    Doom Turns Seventeen

    Happy birthday doom! The game that's always there for me. Doom comes and goes, but unlike other games that fade away, doom is always there for me. Its funny. I was on a doom break for a few months, jus started playin few days ago. Was on its birthday I started playin again. Feel guilty that I forgot its birthday again. Lol
  2. CactuarCatcher

    What do you love and hate about Doom 64?

    Only thing that bothered me was the lack of certain demons. No other complaints really. Still my favorite.
  3. CactuarCatcher

    Rest in peace Esa Repo

    Ugh...Again I wish I wasn't such a lurker...I wish I could have gotten to know the guy..Damnit. Dead Heavy Day.. Drop of poison to you brother.
  4. CactuarCatcher

    The /newstuff Chronicles #320

    Glad to see the reckoning up here. Been obsessed with it.
  5. CactuarCatcher

    Deus Vult II: First Edition Released

    Is there a way to stop the epic lag when going up the stairs at the beginning of minas morgul in GZDoom?
  6. CactuarCatcher

    Official "I suck at KDIZD help me plz" thread

    This kind of made my day. I would have never figured out how to get into the hatch..properly.
  7. CactuarCatcher

    Official "I suck at KDIZD help me plz" thread

    Where is the green key in M3?
  8. CactuarCatcher

    Doom Wad Station has a new owner

    Good man.
  9. CactuarCatcher

    What music reminds you of Doom?

  10. CactuarCatcher

    Camstudio/screenshot problems?

    I use Zdoom. and i have no problems getting screenshots but in nilla they came out in window mode and ugly lookin. I dont really need to do that anymore but now I'm trying to use camstudio and its doing the same thing in the video. Does fraps or any other program not do this for all the people that have videos up on youtube or something? I was tryna mix doom II, TC, and 3 for a DMV for my page.
  11. CactuarCatcher

    Controls on ZDoom, Edge, etc

    fire - s S.Left - d S.Right- f thats pretty much it.
  12. CactuarCatcher

    How do you like your Doom?

    I just straight up love doom, but it irritates me when people can't make doors right. I dunno, when it comes to SP I want it to look better then my levels, good monster placement, jump right into it, and ya, working doors. With DM I Just want tons of space.