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  1. Cory

    EDGE Releases

    This version doesn't seem to like my video setup (which ran 1.27 perfectly). The screen flickers up and down, and changing/testing the resolution hard locks my PC. I'll try the other 1.28 when I get home, otherwise I'll wait till the end of the week and see how it runs on a name-brand card. At least now I have something to do. Most of my wads have hacked-up workarounds for v1.27, most of which will (hopefully) be broken in this version.
  2. Cory

    Star Trek Demo

    I'm tired of seeing the borg used as enemies in Star Trek TCs (especially the same two enemy sprites that have been around since 1994). I'd play the hell out of one set in the DS9 theme with Jem'Hadar and Cardassians as enemies, or Founders/changelings for that matter. Even better if you play a Klingon main character. Hmmm... (WARNING: Extreme nerdiness follows! And uh... DS9 spoilers if you care about that sort of thing.) It could start in a Dominion prison complex, where you're forced to fight hand-to-hand with an almost endless line of Jem'Hadar. Eventually you escape, with just a sliver of health and a crappy pulse phaser, and stow away on a Cardassian freighter. You kill all aboard, and pilot the ship to the alpha quadrant, only to find DS9 taken over by Dominion soldiers. You sneak around and find some scripted Starfleet Marines, who you have to free. Then some more shit happens and you kill some stuff and win the game, possibly by collapsing the wormhole using the Romero head explosion effect. Weapons: -Fists -D'k Tagh (dagger) -Bat'Leth (sword) (use a Hexen weapon here for an extra melee) -Jem'Hadar pulse phaser (automatic but weak) -Cardassian phaser rifle (weak but versatile) -Federation hand-held phaser (carry two at a time) -Federation phaser rifle (lots of settings, uses power cells quickly) -Tricobalt Explosives -Biogenic Grenade (with BFG effect) (Use Hexen/Heretic stuff in ZDoom for extra projectiles) Items: -Battle Armor -Armor plate (armor bonus) -Cloaking Device -Field Ration (health bonus) -Blood Wine (small health) -Hypospray (medium health) -EMH (offers mega-health) -Shroud of Kahless (mega armor or invulnerability) -Ketracel White (berserk) Enemies: -Jem'Hadar (melee or phaser, uses ZDoom style stealth cloak) -Cardassian (always uses phaser, but tends to snipe) -Vorta (hides in the shadows and poisons you) -Changeling (can morph into scenery and is very deadly up close. Can take many forms) -Vole (a space rat. Bites you while in DS9's access conduits. The "head crab" of Star Trek) Levels: -Dominion Prison (arena style level) -Cardassian Freighter (multiple levels) -DS9 (entirely recreated, not just promenade/ops, would need extensive ZDoom slopes) -Bajor (secret level maybe, see some temples/farming villages. These would be huge SS style open landscapes) I can't believe I just typed all that off the top of my head. Well, I'd go kill myself now, but not until I get my DS9 seasons 5-7 DVDs :)
  3. Cory

    The /newstuff Chronicles #111

    I like this format and review style. If I could make one suggestion, it would be to add the size of the zip next to the link. That way I can avoid really large wads (until later) without having to wait for it to start downloading, then finding out it's 3 MB or something. I think an older version of /newstuff had this once. Either way, good job.
  4. Cory

    Immoral Update

    er, the file is http://www.doomworld.com/immoralconduct/files/icd-se.zip, just in case anyone wants to know... [EDIT] I suck at the URL...
  5. Cory

    ZDoom 1.23B28

    Also delete any prior zdoom.ini for best results.
  6. Cory


    When the word terrorist pops up, we always automatically assume it's a middle eastern country, i.e. ragheads or something, but I have a feeling in the back of my mind that this was closer to home than most people care to think...
  7. Cory

    Our New Morality

    You haven't unlocked the SUPER SECRET GAME MODE yet? -Start a new game on NITEMARE skill -Press UP DOWN UP DOWN LEFT LEFT UP RIGHT DOWN DOWN, on the keypad press * 1 3 3 7, kill one imp on the map, then type iddqd FOUR TIMES. -Now you are in WIFE CHEATING MODE, and have access to the following monsters: -Single woman -Wife And the following weapons: -Wedding Ring: Makes WIFE ignore you. Alt-attack: Take it off, makes single women attracted to you +50%. -Vodka Cooler: Only affects single women. Throw it at them to make them attracted to you. Use alt-attack to drink it, and your suaveness will increase by 60%. -Wallet: Primary Attack: Reach for you wallet at any given time to make single women notice you. Use alt-attack to throw wads of cash around, which will attract any single woman in the current level. NOTE: You MUST use the wallet in the vacinity of WIFE, or she will kill you. Other stuff will be in the next version...
  8. Cory


    Awesome.. the only problem I have is I die in the cage at the beginning of the showdown level long before anything happens :/ Is there a trick (other than iddqd)? Why exactly does my health disappear in the cage?
  9. Cory

    EDGE 1.26 ...

    I converted all my ddf from 1.24 to 1.26, and edge starts up fine and I can start a new game, but as soon as I do anything requiring a sound, like jump, fire a weapon, alert a monster, etc, I get to play Desktop Commander in 640x400 splendor. There are no errors or warnings given AT ALL, and the debug (-debugfile) text has nothing to say. I use 11025 khz mono sounds only (same as Doom), and there's nothing wrong with the player's states. It seems once I'm in the game (normal Doom2 maps), doing anything short of moving around (including pressing ESC), will crash. The wad contains weap/sfx/thing/atk/lang lumps only. I'm stumped.. It's probably something simple, but damned if I know what.
  10. Cory

    EDGE 1.26 ...

    Fuck.. there goes my weekend. I hope it's somewhat non time-consuming to convert from version 1.24
  11. Cory


    ...is awesome. Memories of Roger Ritenour.. * Cory fires up pleiades.wad and waits patiently for P:AR
  12. Cory