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  1. cphipps

    BSP/Wadauthor Problem

    Yes, BSP remains only a Doom node builder.
  2. cphipps

    Is this cheating?

    If you have the choice of standing around for 30 seconds waiting for it to wear off, then cheating to save 30s is acceptable. It's just a game, so cheating to save boredom works for me. OTOH some levels deliberately give you a blur sphere in the middle of a fight, when it can be a nuisance - voiding that would be cheating.
  3. cphipps

    The /newstuff Chronicles #98

    Much like the original game then *ducks* Much like the orig... damn I already made that joke. LOL.
  4. cphipps

    It's Official - *Everything* Runs Doom

    I'm not sure I see your point. The Doom source was released under the GPL, and that is the only release which gives anything like the rights they need to make a commercial derived product. They clearly aren't an "educational use" so they can't be using the original license. So either they're clueless or they know it's GPL.
  5. cphipps

    How do I get my site hosted at doomworld?

    Don't forget to make a suitably large sacrifice to the god Marv (the God of Fubared Hosting Accounts). And prepare to love those pop-up banners.
  6. cphipps

    The /newstuff Chronicles #80

    Do we get your version of the screenshot too?
  7. There is a point for making maps; the idea is to make a completely free IWAD that anyone can use as a base. You can't distribute modified versions of original Doom levels, nor can you distribute modified versions of levels from most TCs. As much as anything else FreeDoom is about making a free resource WAD, and that can include levels too. However this is a very minor point compared to the basic aim of making a free IWAD, and collecting totally-free replacement levels should be a second phase and not a primary objective. And the plan of replacing both all the Doom 1 levels and all the Doom 2 levels, making a total of nearly 60 levels to replace, is insane. Basically, I think the idea came up because lots of level designers wanted to help, but it distracts from the central aim which isn't about new levels. Making a completely free version of a TC is not such as bad idea. The holy grail is of course to make FreeDoom; but if we can make a FreeAliensTC much quicker then that's an interesting milestone. Of course, freedoom is truly open, so anyone who wants to try this is welcome to do so - so if that's what you want, go ahead and do it :-)
  8. cphipps

    War For Millennium

    I'd rather have a bunch of well designed mini episodes that a botched megawad. Why is does everyone have to be obsessed with making megawads? (I'm not specifically criticising Millenium, just the community in general - Millenium does seem to have the resources to go all the way.) This deadline sounds like a great idea if it whips up support for getting the project finished - and it it doesn't we get the results released anyway just in smaller chunks. Don't release it if it's too rushed though, quality matters... Good luck with the final push guys; I'd help out if it wasn't for an engine mod...
  9. cphipps

    Will Microsoft Lock id Software In A Box?

    "Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they aren't out to get you."
  10. cphipps


    Opulent: as far as I am aware all MBF demos play back OK with PrBoom. If you've got any MBF demos that don't work, please send me an url, I'll work on it. Boom and Doom v1.9 demo support has already had a lot of fixes since v2.1.0 which will be in the next version. Sparky: Sorry about your boom.cfg :-), that is going to be changed though. It's called PrBoom still because we didn't see a reason to change the name, and PrBoom takes less explaining than MBF to newcomers. I have considered asking TeamTNT if we could just call it "Boom", since we're the closest thing to a continuation of Boom; probably more trouble than it's worth though. I'm not sure why you're worried about losing PrBoom v2.02, is there some major feature we've changed? Constructive criticism welcome...