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  1. For my wad Deadly Assualt, I'll be trying to feature some new monsters like a Quadruple-Rocket Launcher CyberDemon with health of 10k (pretty much you'll have the ammo to kill it, but it'll be hard) and with a chaingun action Plasma Gun SpiderMastermind , then with a being here, a Uber Zombie man with 3k health (bewarned of his attacks) he will shoot a BFG every 2minutes and rest of the time shoots Mancubus Fire Blasts (maybe adding that with a homing piece) at 2 time spead of a mancy.

    If ya'll comment me, think of giving me a monster suggestion.

    Mithral Demon

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    2. AirRaid


      More is not instantly better when it comes to boss fights.

    3. Grazza


      Bah, if you want a really powerful enemy, just grab the Nazi replacement from STRAIN, which is called the Decompress Daemon. It's so powerful, they didn't even use it in any of the levels in STRAIN.

      [port] -file strain.wad doom2.wad -deh strain.deh -warp 31 -skill 4

      Have fun!

    4. Use


      Mithral_Demon said:

      (I thought this place had people that COULD help, but technicly, barely.)

      What? People have been very helpful in this thread. You stated your idea, now others are stating their opinions of said idea. Are you angry because no one dropped their jaws in amazement at the thought of a Cyber with 10,000 hitpoints and fires 4 rockets?

      Here's a better idea, since you're new, try making hard MAPS first, take a look at HR2, a very hard levelset that doesn't mess with the monters at all, and try to tell me it's not 'challenging'. Dorking around with the monsters and putting them in badly designed maps is just going to make people laugh.

      Mithral_Demon said:

      and I know how to make doors close properly on the ZDoom-Doom in Hexan format...

      Whoa, slow down there...