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  1. Jad

    Embedded .DEH files?

    ok thx alot
  2. Jad

    Embedded .DEH files?

    ccan you help me out a bit more, im a noob
  3. Jad

    Embedded .DEH files?

    Is there a way to embed your DehackEd files or WhackEd files into your WAD??
  4. Jad

    Thing Numbers

    Ok nevermind i think i finally found what i needed, thx anyway
  5. Jad

    Thing Numbers

    No thats not what i mean. In the hexen format i set a linedef to spawn a 'thing' at a mapspot but i need the numbers of the 'things' because the only numbers i know are: 1- shotgun guy 2-chaingunner 3-hell knight 4-former human 32- chainsaw and i only know these by typing in random numbers and seeing what happens. And i dont want to go through each and every number to find out so does anyone know the 'things' that are spawned on the different numbers? (sorry for the double post)
  6. Jad

    ramps! Sounds

    Ok if your using Doom Builder, make sure you have the configuration to Zdoom. If you use doom in doom (which i think is easier) all you have to do is make 2 sectors next to each other, one higher than the other, and set one of the sectors tag to a number, like 1. Then on the linedef, set the sector tag to that same number, and set its linedef action to 'Plane allign' (you can select floor,roof, or both). The only other thing you need to make sure of that the linedef is facing the right way. Hope that helps, and I hope its not too hard to understand.
  7. Jad

    Thing Numbers

    Ok, i was editong in Zdoom (doom in hexen) and i wanted to spawn a 'thing'. But i don't know the numbers of the 'things' for the 'spawn thing' selector. I tried out a few numbers 1-4, and they dont match the 'thing' ID in Doom. So i'm confused. Does anyone know where there is a list that tells you which number is which thing?