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  1. Gosan197

    missing textures

    Yes I have i am just giving up on it and using DeepSea now.
  2. Gosan197

    missing textures

    As I see it the sidedefs are not showing graphicly even though they are listed. I am using the correct IWAD (doom2.wad in the zdoom in doom for.) when I load the iwad into deepSea it works perfectly. help anyone? Anyone have this problem before?
  3. Gosan197

    missing textures

    it is strange some textures show and some don't ex show Blood1,2,3 all FLATS all floors Not Show Bigdoor1-7 Brick all Wood1-9 What I am missing, as I see it, is the wall graphics. Any new insights any help?
  4. Gosan197

    missing textures

    When I make, say, a box in doom builder and click on one of the lines to change the texture, on the front side middle box I cannot see a graphic, just a grey box. When I double click on the grey box I can see all of the texuture names, but none of the graphics. please help. I do have the latest version of DB.